The Huffington Post Is What Happens When There's No Men In The Room

Chris Menahan
May. 23, 2016

The Huffington Post's executive editor tweeted out a picture showing who comprises their editorial staff, now everything makes sense.

Now I understand why they decided to move Trump stories from their politics section to their entertainment section only to quietly abandon their decision shortly thereafter.

Now I understand why they think it's a good idea to hire Michelle Fields to cover Trump after she was already thoroughly discredited and exposed as a liar.

Now I understand why they run with headlines like this:

Now I understand why they're pushing hijabs as a sign of female empowerment.

Now I understand why they put a stupid disclaimer on every article about Trump.

This is why: there's not a single man in the room to shut these stupid ideas down.

This is the type of garbage these women run with:

When TV producer Samantha Brick started an all female TV company several years ago she dreamed it would create a "happy" and "harmonious" workplace "benefiting from an absence of men."

Instead, she said her "idealistic vision" was "swiftly shattered by the nightmare reality: constant bitchiness, surging hormones, unchecked emotion, attention-seeking and fashion rivalry so fierce it tore my staff apart."

"Constant bitchiness," "surging hormones," "unchecked emotion," "attention-seeking" and "fashion rivalry," is that not a perfect description of the entirety of The Huffington Post?

People of the world be forewarned: The Huffington Post is what happens when there's no men in the room.

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