Top German Journalist Admits Live On Air National News Agenda Set by Government
BreitbartFeb 02
A retired media boss at a major German state broadcaster has admitted his network and others take orders from the government on what -- and what not -- to report.

National public service broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), which was recently forced into a humiliating apology for their silence on migrant
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Islamist Extremists 'Planning Attacks On Swingers Clubs' Arrested in France
RTFeb 02
Lyon police have detained six suspected Islamist extremists who were trying to leave for Syria, French media report, citing police sources. Two of those arrested allegedly tried to obtain weapons to carry out attacks on swingers clubs.

The people arrested are five men aged 22-37 and a 20-year-old woman, Le Parisien reports, citing an unnamed police source. They were reportedly heading to Syria to fight in the war there, and planned to travel by bus via Bulgaria and Turkey.... (more)

Onetime Party Drug Ketamine Hailed as Miracle For Treating Severe Depression
Washington PostFeb 02

"BPA-Free" Plastic Alternatives May Not Be Safe
CNNFeb 02

Widely Reported Stockholm "Mass Attack on Migrants by Neo-Nazis" Never Happened
The New ObserverFeb 02
The alleged "mass attack on migrants" by "neo-Nazis" at the Stockholm railway station last Friday never happened, and is a complete fiction invented by one far left Swedish newspaper which was then syndicated through the rest of the controlled media as "fact."

To establish the truth of what happened in central Stockholm on Friday evening, January 29, 2016, it is necessary to start with the official Stockholm police report on the incident, which can be found on their website here
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Jeb Spent Over $12,000 Per Vote
InformationLiberationFeb 02
Jeb Bush got 5,235 votes and spent $64.8 million, meaning he spent around $12,378 per vote. Before the final tally came in Nate Silver predicted the numbers would come to $25,000 per vote as Jeb was only projected to get around 2,600 votes. I guess 'The Microsoft Effect' delivered him a slight bump.

White Zimbabwean Farmers Forcibly Evicted by Black, British Doctor
BreitbartFeb 02
A family of white farmers in Zimbabwe have been forcibly evicted from their land after it was claimed by a doctor who lives in Britain. Philip Rankin and his family were first told to leave the land they have farmed for over 30 years in September following a claim by Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro, who was born in Zimbabwe but has British citizenship and runs a slimming clinic in Nottingham.

The Telegraph reports that police forced their way onto Mr Rankin's land on Friday and removed
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Kelly Slater: Vote Nobody 2016, Investigate 9/11 and Screw Monsanto!
WeAreChangeFeb 02

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews professional surfing legend Kelly Slater in Oahu Hawaii. The two discuss the 2016 presidential elections, the truth behind 9/11 and the battle with Monsanto in Hawaii. The conversation goes from hardcore politics to spirituality and consciousness.

Migrant Centre Banned From Holding Memorial to Swedish Social Worker 'Stabbed to Death by Somali Boy, 15' in Case It Upsets Refugee Children
The Daily MailFeb 02

Bush's Final Rally Interrupted by 'Seat Fillers' Demanding to Be Paid
USA TodayFeb 02
A little flier showed up early Monday morning on social media.

A handful of Twitter users supporting various Republican presidential candidates tweeted a photo of slip of paper with a headline reading "$$$ Earn fast cash today! $$$" and an offer for $25 an hour to attend Jeb Bush's final campaign event at the Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines.

The implication: Bush was so desperate he was pa
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Police: Dallas Teens Forced 15-Year-Old Girl to Have Sex With 6 Men Per Day For 2 Weeks
San Antonio Express-NewsFeb 02

German Mayor Suggests Girls Under 10-Yrs-Old Not 'Provoke' Migrants By Walking Around Them In Western Clothes
InformationLiberationFeb 01

Dressing like normal German girls and walking in the vicinity of refugees is "provoking" them to rape you, so says German mayor Jens Müller of the small town of Bad Schlema.
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Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns in The Most Conservative Parts of America With Refugees?
The Economic CollapseFeb 01
Why are small towns in conservative states being specifically targeted for refugee resettlement?

Of course the Obama administration will never publicly admit that this is happening, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out what is going on. Just look at the uproar that refugee resettlement is now causing in small communities in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Kansas. The Obama administration has deemed large cities such as Washington D.C. to be "too expensive" for the r
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Black Female Rapper Azealia Banks Says She's Voting For Trump
InformationLiberationFeb 01

...and her followers go batsh*t crazy.

VIDEO: Hillary Supporters Endorse Karl Marx As Her Pick For VP
Mark DiceFeb 01

Hillary Clinton supporters are asked to sign a petition to approve of "her choice" of Communist Karl Marx to be her vice president if she's elected President of the United States. Are Hillary fans so out of touch with reality? Media analyst Mark Dice investigates.

DHS Official Thinks People Should Have to Give Up Their Anonymity to Use The Internet
TechdirtFeb 01
Apparently, the only way to stop terrorists from hating us for our freedom is to strip away those offensive freedoms.

Erik Barnett, the DHS's attache to the European Union, pitched some freedom-stripping ideas to a presumably more receptive audience via an article for a French policy magazine. Leveraging both the recent Paris attacks and the omnipresent law enforcement excuse for any bad idea -- child porn -- Barnett suggested victory in the War on Terror can be achieved by st
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VIDEO: Hillary Claims She Is "Not in The Pocket of Anyone" After Receiving $6 Million From Soros Last Month
InfowarsFeb 01
Hillary Clinton again addressed criticism that she is being bought by special interests by denying she is "in the pocket" of anyone, despite receiving a massive contribution of $6 million from Billionaire leftist George Soros.
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Asylum Seekers to Cost Germany €50bn Within 2 Years - Forecast
RTFeb 01
Germany is preparing to allocate tens of billions of euro for migrants' accommodation, integration and language lessons in 2016-2017. This year, Germany could let in some 1.5 million refugees, compared to 1.1 million in 2015.

A new forecast prepared by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research estimates the incoming asylum seekers will cost the federal budget about €50 billion (US$54.3 billion) in
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No Free Lunch? Swiss Tempted by Vote Granting $2,400 Monthly Stipend to Adults
RTFeb 01
Forget about paltry social benefits like food stamps, housing subsidies, or Obamacare: in Switzerland, every adult citizen could soon be enjoying a guaranteed monthly allowance of 2,500 Swiss francs (more than $2,400) – provided they vote to approve it in June.

One might wonder how any reasonable person could miss an opportunity to vote themselves a free monthly paycheck for no work – but the Swiss actually appear to be quite skeptical about the idea.

Perhaps they a
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Subway Removes Ham and Bacon from Nearly 200 Stores and Offers Halal Meat Only After 'Strong Demand' from Muslims
The Daily MailFeb 01

Anti-Trump Saudi Prince Tied to Both Rupert Murdoch and Hillary Aide
BreitbartFeb 01

Donald Trump Jr About His Dad "He's a Blue Collar Guy With a Very Big Balance Sheet"
YouTubeFeb 01

3 in 4 Young Black Americans Say They’d Feel Like Fleeing The Country If Donald Trump Were Elected
Fusion.netFeb 01

Segregated Dorms For Males 'Who Identify as Black' Coming to UConn
Campus ReformFeb 01

Guardian News and Media to Slash £54m From Annual Budget to Curb Losses
Press GazetteFeb 01

The Guardian Bans Readers From Commenting On Their Articles About 'Race, Immigration And Islam'
InformationLiberationJan 31
The Guardian is closing almost all comment threads on articles they publish related to race, immigration, and Islam because they're not able to adequately control the debate to fit their their bullsh*t leftist narrative.

Via The Guardian:
We are living in an age of rage. People are angry with government, with media, with religion, with migrat... (more)

VIDEO: Germans Protest Angela Merkel With Rape Whistles
InformationLiberationJan 31

Germans in Neubrandenburg angry with the government's handling of the rapefugee crisis blew rape whistles during a protest directed at Angela Merkel. Perhaps dog whistles would have worked better for getting her to come to their side.

Swastika Painted on Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star...
InformationLiberationJan 31
Someone scribbled a sh*tty looking swastika on Trump's star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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Georgia Deputy Who Upheld Constitution in Viral Video Passes Away

Flags at half mast for this American hero! - Chris

"Fight Me!": "Shocking" Video Shows Migrant Melee in Swedish Refugee Home
ZeroHedgeJan 31
Tensions are running high in Sweden, the country with the highest per capita rate of sheltered asylum seekers.

Just yesterday we brought you video footage depicting a gang of "football hooligans" who stormed the central train station in Stockholm on the way to assaulting migrants and generally running amok in a show of nationalistic furor.

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