The War On Cars Is a War On Workers and The Poor
Mises InstituteOct 28

Why Is The Rent Too Damn High? Because We Ignore The Real Problem
Cato @ LibertyOct 27
Rising home prices and apartment rents have been in the news lately, but almost no one is looking at the real causes behind these problems. Instead, they are proposing band-aid solutions that will do little to help most people afford housing but will greatly benefit special interest groups.

According to the news, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco-Oakland, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington, DC, among other major u
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If Sweden and Germany Became US States, They Would Be Among The Poorest States
Mises InstituteOct 27

The Fed Can't Raise Rates, But Must Pretend It Will
Mises InstituteOct 26

Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse
Zero HedgeOct 26

What The Washington Post Gets Wrong About Free Markets
Cato @ LibertyOct 23
This morning, the Washington Post ran an article titled, "How free markets make us fatter, poorer and less happy." Actually, the data suggest the exact opposite: free markets make us healthier, richer and happier.

Free markets make us healthier

First, the authors argue that free markets result in an abundance of temptations, such as cand
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Desperate Financial Regulators Turn to... 100% Reserves
Mises InstituteOct 23
100 percent-reserve banking is being introduced through the backdoor by U.S. regulators who remain queasy about banks runs in a future crisis. Under rules instituted in September 2014 by the Fed and other financial regulators, banks are mandated to hold only high-grade liquid assets against risky large demand deposits in order to cover estimated deposit losses for 30 days. These so-calle... (more)

The Cascading Collapse of Obamacare's COOPs
The BeaconOct 23
One piece of Obamacare is already collapsing: The COOPs (cooperative insurers) that the federal government propped up with loans to compete in exchanges. Many are now closing down under pressure from state insurance departments, as they are threatened with insolvency because they charge premiums in the Obamacare exchanges that do not cover costs.

The administration is desperate to stave off the day of reckoning, going so far as to insist the federal loans be categorized as "assets
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Reflections On Venezuela's "Economic Miracle"
Mises InstituteOct 23
Back in 2013, Salon took a quick break from criticizing a caricature of libertarianism to let David Sirota write an embarrassing article praising socialism in what turns out to be a fantastic case study in both the dangers of socialist economics and of course, speaking to soon.

The article was titled “Hugo Chavez’s Economic Miracle” and it was certainly not the only one of its kind to come out at the time. It may seem like twenty-twenty hindsight to criticize such foolishn
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There's Now a $1-a-Pill Competitor to Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli's $750-a-Pill Drug
Business InsiderOct 23

COLAS Reveal The True Nature of Social Security
Laurence M. VanceOct 23

YouTube Will Completely Remove Videos Of Creators Who Don't Sign Its Red Subscription Deal
TechCrunchOct 23

Depression-Era Laws Threaten The Sharing Economy
The FreemanOct 22
Imagine you're driving for Uber or Lyft. As an independent contractor, you enjoy setting your own work hours, picking up people you like chatting with (well, for the most part), learning about new parts of town, and earning back some of the investment in your car. Then, one day, an email from your ride-sharing service informs you that some bureaucrats you've never heard of have decided that Uber is now your employer. You have to work a certain number of hours and within prescribed times, and the... (more)

The Nightmare of Living in The Past
The FreemanOct 21
Swedish doctor Hans Rosling loads a washing machine with laundry on stage at the beginning of his TED talk. When his talk is over, he returns to the washer and pulls out ... books.

His presentation, "The Magic Washing Machine," is about how this one example of consumer technology is far more than a convenience. By mechanizing the arduous process of doing the household laundry, the washing machine gav
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Finnish Police Ask Public to Report Cheap Pizzas
The Nano NewsOct 20

Warmist Prof. Alice Bows-Larkin Calls For 'Planned Recessions' to Fight 'Global Warming': 'Economic Growth Needs to Be Exchanged' For 'Planned Austerity' -- 'Whole System Change'
Climate DepotOct 20

Will Ohio Legalize Marijuana Next Month?
StopTheDrugWar.orgOct 19
It's now less than three weeks until Buckeye State voters head to the polls in an off-year election, and they make make Ohio the first Midwestern state to legalize marijuana. A poll this week that asked specifically if respondents supported the initiative on the ballot had 56% saying yes.

They will be voting on Issue 3, a controversial proposal sponsored
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Robert Shiller Is Shilling for Socialism
Mises InstituteOct 19
The Nobel Prize just gets cheaper and cheaper. Recent laureate Bob Shiller graces the New York Times with his latest rant that free-markets stink, bolstering his argument by making stuff up.

For starters, Shiller writes that America’s wealth “can be attributed” to regulation. Well, sure, it “can be attributed” to Zeus. Or sunspots. In the real world, America became
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The Poor in The US Are Richer Than The Middle Class in Much of Europe
Mises InstituteOct 17

$3,248,723,000,000: Federal Taxes Set Record in FY 2015; $21,833 Per Worker; Feds Still Run $438.9B Deficit
CNS NewsOct 17

Nevada Orders Daily Fantasy Sports Shut Down as Unlicensed Gambling
ReutersOct 17
Lottery winners in Illinois get IOUs for prizes over $600...

Which Is More Valuable: Deodorant or Apple's New iPhone 6s?
The FreemanOct 15
Many college students are eager to upgrade to Apple's new iPhone 6s -- or so my daughter tells me. But she's not. The battery life of her $100 Android phone is at least 48 hours on one charge; her friends can't get through the day without charging their iPhones. She's okay with her smaller screen and its lower resolution; battery life is her value driver.

"What presidential candidate are your iPhone-using friends supporting?" I asked her.

"Bernie Sanders," she repor
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The Numbers Say That a Major Global Recession Has Already Begun
The Economic CollapseOct 14
The biggest bank in the western world has just come out and declared that the global economy is “already in a recession”.  According to British banking giant HSBC, global trade is down 8.4 percent so far this year, and global GDP expressed in U.S. dollars is down 3.4 percent.  So those that are waiting for the next worldwide economic recession to begin can stop waiting.  It is off... (more)

The Creative Destruction of Nudity in Playboy Magazine
The FreemanOct 14
Playboy has finally found a new way to shock and titillate America.

The magazine has announced that it will no longer feature full nudity. Instead, it will be moving toward a partially clad, cheesecake pin-up style.

When I heard the news, I immediately wondered what the great economist Joseph Schumpeter would have made of it. Schumpeter, who famously sought to become the world's greatest economist, lover, and
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Trump: Economic Bubble About to Burst
The HillOct 14

VIDEO: Clueless Californians Have No Idea the Price of 100oz Silver Bar
InfowarsOct 12

In a remarkable video posted by activist Mark Dice, several people he stopped on the street would not even entertain a guess at the value of silver, with some not seeming to understand what the precious metal is.

Dice gave several respondents the opportunity to win a 100 ounce silver bar if they could guess its value. He even agreed to give the
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Once More: The TPP Agreement Is Not a Free Trade Agreement, It's a Protectionist Anti-Free Trade Agreement
TechdirtOct 09
We've pointed out a few times in the past that while everyone refers to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement as a "free trade" agreement, the reality is that there's very little in there that's actually about free trade. If it were truly a free trade agreement, then there would be plenty of reasons to support it. But the details show it's ... (more)

Truck Vendors Must Ask Permission From Competitors to Do Business
Activist PostOct 08
Is there a war on food truck vendors? In San Antonio, Texas there is…

Imagine if you had to ask permission from your competitors to continue doing business or face closure?

As more people catch the entrepreneurial bug, vending trucks make good sense. It's a relatively mobile business that saves tens of thousands on start-up costs, creates independence and even bolsters local economies.

That is until cities in tandem with restaurant organizations s
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California's "Equal Pay" Law Will Discourage Businesses, Encourage Lawyers
The New AmericanOct 08
Absolutely massive handout to the trial lawyer lobby. - Chris

No More "Free Trade" Treaties: It's Time For Genuine Free Trade
Mises InstituteOct 07

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