Dershowitz to Launch 'Massive Offensive Lawfare' Against 'Anti-Semitic' Pro-Palestine Protesters

Chris Menahan
May. 04, 2024

Jeffrey Epstein's former lawyer Alan Dershowitz has announced plans to engage in "massive offensive lawfare" against "anti-Semitic" pro-Palestine protesters in order to "bankrupt" them and take away their "dorms" and "boomboxes."

Dershowitz told Newsmax in a recent interview he's going to "do whatever is necessary" to "deter" the return of Hitler.

He said his group is going to be called, "Hurt a Jew? We Sue You."

Dershowitz elaborated on his plans in a podcast earlier this week, as the Daily Caller reported:
On his podcast, “The Dershow,” Dershowitz expressed doubt that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would act against the protesters, and that Jewish students should consider filing lawsuits if charges are not brought.

“You have no right to trespass, you have no right to cause damage in the building, you certainly have no right to keep two janitors hostages for several hours before you let them out,” Dershowtiz said. “O.J. Simpson went to jail for that exact crime… There was no gun involved here, but doesn’t matter under the law generally, if you by force, keep somebody from leaving, that’s another serious crime. So we’ll see if there’s any prosecution… it’s up to the district attorney, Bragg. He just seems to be very clear that he goes after people he doesn’t like and doesn’t go after people he likes.”

Dershowitz said, however, that Bragg’s inaction would not be the end of the matter, saying the Civil Rights Act of 1964 allows for civil action.

“Under the Civil Rights Act it is a federal crime, you can bring in federal court… it is also a federal tort,” Dershowitz said, saying that there was a “nationwide conspiracy” to organize the anti-Israel protests.

“If we find the plaintiff and defendant, we will file a lawsuit,” Dershowitz continued. “And if that lawsuit survives a motion to dismiss, which it will, then we get discovery, we find out who paid for the tent[s], we find out what’s on the emails, we find out a great many things that we now don’t really know, and so a civil lawsuit has the virtue of discovery, whereas in a criminal case, it’s up to the prosecution, if they don’t want to bring it, it disappears, if they do want to bring it, they can issue subpoenas or not as they choose, we have no control over that, whereas, if you bring a civil lawsuit, we do have control over that, and so I think of the lawsuit as the remedy and I’ve mentioned I’ve already gotten about 25 volunteers.”
The strategy Deshowitz is laying out aligns perfectly with the Antisemitism Awareness Act which passed the House last week.

The purpose of the bill is to silence criticism of Jews and Israel as a form of "hate speech" and empower the federal government and Jewish activist groups to crack down on anti-Israel protests on college campuses through civil rights complaints.

President Donald Trump in 2019 signed an executive order with the same goal in 2019 and Dershowitz gave a speech at the signing ceremony.

All these laws and executive orders to "fight anti-Semitism" are direct attacks on the First Amendment and are part of a sustained campaign aimed at making it illegal to criticize Jews and Israel.

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