Liberal Politico Outraged LeBron James May Not Receive Tax Break In GOP Tax Bill

Chris Menahan
Mar. 09, 2018

Politico is absolutely outraged that basketball player LeBron James, whose net worth is estimated at around $400 million, might not be able to claim a massive additional tax break in the GOP's tax law which is aimed at helping job creators.

From Politico, "Hidden blacklist in GOP tax law could hit everyone from LeBron James to doctors":
Republicans have created a big tax break for businesses, but not just any businesses.

Their new tax law includes a little-noticed blacklist barring people working in certain fields, and earning more than $157,500, from claiming a new 20 percent deduction for unincorporated businesses called pass-throughs. It could prevent everyone from doctors to tanning salon owners to LeBron James from claiming the break.
Republicans say they barred some types of businesses because they didn't want just anyone to benefit from the lucrative break -- they wanted it to be reserved for job creators, who employ other people. Some say there were political considerations as well, because lawmakers didn't want to be seen handing out big tax cuts to wealthy doctors and lawyers, who aren't expected to make the cut.

But to critics, the list is arbitrary, vague and amounts to picking winners and losers. It includes more than a dozen areas, including "health," "law" and "consulting."
Wow, just wow!

That means it's like every other tax law in history!
It's up to the Treasury Department and the IRS, charged with implementing the new law, to figure out who exactly belongs on the blacklist.
According to Politico, a basketball player worth nearly half a billion dollars not being eligible to claim a tax break for job creators is the equivalent of being put on a "blacklist."

The Democrats gave massive tax breaks to the Weinstein's of Hollywood, did that amount to a "blacklist" of other industries, such as independent media outlets or independent YouTubers?

It sure is hilarious watching the leftists media shilling for the rich, be it whining about tax hikes for the wealthy or pushing open borders under the guise that everyone can "have their own immigrant" to work as their slave.

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