Merriam-Webster Changes The Definition of Female: "Having A Gender Identity That Is The Opposite Of Male"
InformationLiberationJul 19
Merriam-Webster has changed the definition of female to suit radical transgender ideologues who think men can become women.
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The Guardian: Freeze Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch's Assets For Pushing 'Kremlin Propaganda'
InformationLiberationMay 08
Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch should have his assets frozen for allowing Tucker Carlson to report both sides in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, so suggests Observer columnist Nick Cohen.
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Unhinged Obama Judge Orders Every U.S. ISP to Block Streaming Sites Accused of Copyright Infringement
InformationLiberationMay 06
US District Judge Katherine Polk Failla of the Southern District of New York, an Obama appointee, last week ordered every US internet service provider to block three streaming sites for enabling piracy, effectively enacting by judicial decree the SOPA legislation Congress rejected a decade ago.
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Mayorkas: 'Disinfo' Czar is 'Eminently Qualified,' a 'Renowned Expert' and 'Absolutely' Neutral
InformationLiberationMay 01
Disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz, 33, is "eminently qualified, a renowned expert" and "absolutely" politically neutral, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
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UK Govt Threatens to Ban Twitter And Potentially Jail Elon Musk If He Allows Free Speech
InformationLiberationApr 27
The UK on Tuesday threatened to ban Twitter altogether and potentially jail Elon Musk if he violates their incoming "Online Safety Bill" by allowing free speech on his platform.
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"By 'Free Speech,' I Simply Mean That Which Matches The Law": Elon Musk Clarifies Position After EU Threats
InformationLiberationApr 26
Elon Musk on Tuesday clarified his position on free speech after threats from the EU, stating that by "free speech" he simply means "that which matches the law."
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Censor The Internet Act: EU Agrees to Expand Online Censorship With 'Digital Services Act'
InformationLiberationApr 23
The European Union is working to massively expand online censorship, strictly regulate speech during times of "crisis" and restrict online anonymity through digital passports.
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The Pirate Bay, YouTube-DL And More 'Removed' From DuckDuckGo Search Results, Reinstated After Report
InformationLiberationApr 17
DuckDuckGo on Friday was found to have "removed" The Pirate Bay, 1337x, YouTube-DL and other "pirate" sites from their search results.
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USA Today: "Scientists Agree There Is No Sufficient Way To Clearly Define What Makes Someone A Woman"
InformationLiberationMar 28
"Scientists" no longer know what women are, according to USA Today.
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Facebook, Instagram Change 'Hate Speech' Rules to Allow Calls For Violence Against Russians
InformationLiberationMar 10
Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly changing Facebook and Instagram's rules to "temporarily allow calls for violence against Russians," Reuters reports.
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CBS Describes Los Angeles Rioters As 'Problematic Celebrators'
InformationLiberationFeb 14
CBS Los Angeles referred to mobs of rioters who jumped on vehicles, attacked drivers in the streets and looted jewelry stores after the Rams' Superbowl victory as "problematic celebrators."
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Snopes Drops Another Banger Of A 'Fact Check'
InformationLiberationFeb 09
The Biden regime is distributing crack pipes to "underserved communities" but the Free Beacon's story exposing it is "mostly false" because that wasn't the "most prominent or important" part of the grant program, so says Snopes.
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Facebook Bans American Trucker 'Convoy to DC 2022' Page With 139,000 Followers
InformationLiberationFeb 01
Facebook shut down the rapidly-growing Facebook page "Convoy to DC 2022" on Tuesday night after the group amassed 139,000 followers.
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Facebook's New 'Cutting-Edge AI Supercomputer' Will Be Used to Censor 'Hate Speech' And 'Misinformation'
InformationLiberationJan 25
Whereas American business titans of the past developed revolutionary new forms of transportation, communication, production, medical treatments and sanitation, Mark Zuckerberg is using his billions to develop an AI supercomputer to censor lawful speech and silence dissent.
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Fairfax Schools Tell Kids They're 'Privileged' If They're 'White,' 'Male,' 'Christian,' Or A 'Military Kid'
InformationLiberationJan 19
Fairfax County, Virginia's public schools curriculum includes having children play a "game" where they must identify their "privilege," which they define as being white, male, heterosexual, Christian, "mentally healthy" or a "military kid."
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Twitter Bans Dr. Robert Malone, The Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology
InformationLiberationDec 29
Twitter on Wednesday banned the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr Robert W Malone.
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Children Are Being 'Brainwashed' by Tiktok Videos On 'Cool' Trans Surgery Viewed 26 Billion Times
The Daily MailDec 28

Flashback: TikTok Banned in China, Site Reconfigured to Promote 'Positive Energy' And Hard Work...

Pentagon Issues New Rules to Punish Troops For 'Liking' 'Extremist' Content, Exercising Their First Amendment Rights
InformationLiberationDec 21
The Pentagon, working together with the Anti-Defamation League, issued new rules on Monday to further suppress the First Amendment rights of American service members.
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ADL Demands Fox News Censor Comic Casting Soros As A 'Puppet Master,' Fox News Dutifully Complies
InformationLiberationDec 16
Jonathan Greenblatt's Anti-Defamation League on Wednesday demanded Fox News take down an "anti-Semitic" comic that portrays George Soros as "a puppet master who manipulates national events."
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Facebook Admits In Court Filing Their Third-Party 'Fact Checks' Are Just Statements of Opinion
InformationLiberationDec 14
Facebook said in a legal filing that the third-party "fact checks" they use to censor content are just statements of "opinion" and therefor can't be considered defamatory.
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On Day One, New Twitter CEO Uses Fake Trending Tab to Run PR For Himself, Bans Sharing Media of Private Individuals Without Permission
InformationLiberationNov 30
Parag Agrawal kicked off his first day as the new CEO of Twitter by using the site's "What's happening" tab for PR to try and explain away his old anti-white tweets and instituted new rules to ban the sharing of "media of private individuals without the permission of the person(s) depicted."
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Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal: 'Why Should I Distinguish Between White People and Racists?'
InformationLiberationNov 29
Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is being replaced by an Indian immigrant who apparently views all white people as racists and doesn't want the platform to be "bound" by the First Amendment.
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Why YouTube Is Removing Dislikes, A Compendium.
InformationLiberationNov 12
Here's a look back at why YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has decided to remove all dislikes from public view.
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Reminder: The Media Smeared Rittenhouse As A 'Terrorist' And Doxed Donors to His Legal Defense Fund to Get Them Fired
InformationLiberationNov 10
Keep in mind as you watch the Rittenhouse show trial that the media smeared Kyle as a "terrorist," Big Tech shut down his GoFundMe legal defense fund and censored people en masse for defending him, and journos doxed donors to his GiveSendGo and got them fired from their jobs.
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Facebook Changes Rules to Make Journalists A Protected Class
InformationLiberationOct 18
Facebook has changed its rules to make journalists a protected class shielded from "bullying" and "harassment" (aka criticism), according to a report from Reuters.
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Facebook's 'Dangerous Individuals' List Leaks, Lists Right-Wing Activists Alongside Islamic Terrorists
InformationLiberationOct 13
Facebook's secret "dangerous individuals and organizations" blacklist, which the Big Tech giant uses to silence dissenters as though they're on par with Islamic terrorists, has been leaked in full by The Intercept.
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YouTube Bans All Content Stating 'Vaccines Are Ineffective or Dangerous,' Deletes RFK Jr And Dr Mercola's Channels
InformationLiberationSep 29
Under YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's new speech codes, YouTubers can now be banned for quoting CDC director Rochelle Walensky admitting last month on live TV that covid shots do not "prevent transmission" of the virus.
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CNN: Stop 'Doing Your Own Research'
InformationLiberationSep 20
People "doing their own research" is highly problematic and hurting the government's pandemic response, CNN reports.
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Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: 'Government Doesn't Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t'; 'Shove' Adverse Effect Reporting 'Under the Mat'...

National Archives Adds 'Harmful Language' Warning to Constitution, Declaration of Independence And Bill of Rights
InformationLiberationSep 09
The National Archives has added a "harmful language" warning above the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.
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Instagram Disables Account of Fallen Marine's Mother After She Blamed Biden For Son's Death
InformationLiberationAug 31
Who could have predicted this?
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