Bloomingdale's Pulls 'Fake News' Shirt After Reporter Whines That It 'Delegitimizes' Journos
InformationLiberationFeb 11
Bloomingdale's decided to pull a "Fake News" t-shirt after one journalist whined on Twitter than the fashion piece "isn't funny or fashionable" and "delegitimizes hard working journalists."
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Mother Arrested For Calling A Transgender Woman A Man On Twitter
InformationLiberationFeb 11
A mother in the United Kingdom was reportedly arrested for calling a biological man a man on Twitter.
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Reddit Gets $150 Million Investment From Chinese Censorship Company
InformationLiberationFeb 11
Reddit, which censors dissidents in America, is now being funded by Tencent, a multi-billion dollar company which censors dissidents in China.
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Chase Bank Shuts Down Proud Boys Leader's Personal Bank Account
Big League PoliticsFeb 11

Liberal Activist Calls For Steve King to Be Removed From Office For Sharing NPC Meme
InformationLiberationFeb 09
They're coming for our memes.
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YouTube's Top Search Result For 'State Of The Union 2019' Is CNN 'Reality Check' With 'No Views'
InformationLiberationFeb 06
YouTube's top search result for "State of the Union 2019" on late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was a "reality check" on President Trump's speech from CNN which said it has "no views."
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Journo: I Reported Someone For Tweeting 'Learn to Code' At Me & Twitter Suspended Them 'Within 20 Minutes'
InformationLiberationFeb 05
NBC News reporter Ben Popken announced Friday on Twitter that he reported someone for "abusive behavior" because they tweeted "learn to code" at him and Twitter responded by suspending the account "within 20 minutes."
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YouTube Looking Into Removing Dislike Button After Gillette Ad, YouTube Rewind Fails
InformationLiberationFeb 04
The social justice warriors at Google-owned YouTube appear to be very angry that the public keeps rejecting their propaganda.
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A Left-Wing Journalist Mafia Now Runs Silicon Valley
BreitbartFeb 04

Financial Blacklisting: NewsGuard Advises Advertisers to Avoid Pro-Trump Media
BreitbartFeb 01

Fox News Pushes NewsGuard Alt-Media Blacklist: 'It's Actually A Good Idea... They're Calling It Like It Is'
InformationLiberationJan 28
Fox News's Kurt Knutsson threw his support behind the neocon-backed alt-media blacklisting operation "NewsGuard" on Friday, telling Fox & Friends viewers the program is "fair" and a "good idea."
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'Twitter, Do Your Thing': Twitterati Target Elderly 'Racist White Lady' Who Appears to Have Dementia
InformationLiberationJan 28
After their attack on the young boys of Covington Catholic High School failed, the Twitterati have picked a new target.
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Twitter: Telling Fired Journalists 'Learn to Code' is 'Targeted Harassment,' Bannable Offense
InformationLiberationJan 28
Telling a laid off journalist to "learn to code" may get you permanently banned from Twitter as they've reportedly now begun classifying it as "targeted harassment."
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NBC Op-Ed Suggests It's Racist And Anti-Semitic To Question Media's Narrative On MAGA Boys
InformationLiberationJan 24
NBC News ran an op-ed from writer Beau Friedlander on Wednesday which spun the most insane defense of the media's false narrative on the "MAGA boys" incident to date.
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Google Funds Anti-Conservative 'Hate Watch' Group Southern Poverty Law Center
NewsBustersJan 23

Google Donates $3.1 Million to Wikipedia Despite Misinformation Controversies...

Free Speech Social Network Gab Secures Payment Processor Following Financial Blacklisting...

Twitterati Slam Guthrie For Interviewing Nick Sandmann, Compare Him to Adam Lanza, Dylann Roof And Hitler
InformationLiberationJan 22
Twitter's most shameless bottom feeders united on Tuesday night to attack TODAY host Savannah Guthrie for sitting down to interview Nicholas Sandmann, whom they compared to Adam Lanza, Dylann Roof and Adolf Hitler.
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1984: MAGA Kid Was Persecuted For Committing 'Facecrime'
InfowarsJan 22

Think That Gillette Ad Was Bad? Check Out The CW's 'Supergirl'!
InformationLiberationJan 17
This is what Hollywood pervs are injecting into the minds of young girls across America.
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'Disrespectful': Google Employees Melt Down Over The Word 'Family'
The Daily CallerJan 17

'Free Press' Petitions For Alex Jones To Be 'Banned Permanently' From Facebook
InformationLiberationJan 16
A Soros-funded organization called "Free Press" on Wednesday launched a petition to demand Facebook ban radio host Alex Jones "permanently."
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ThinkProgress Editor Slams Conservatives For Celebrating Woman Shooting Armed Mugger
InformationLiberationJan 15
ThinkProgress "LGBTQ Editor" Zack Ford deleted a tweet on Tuesday where he slammed conservatives for being "thrilled" that an innocent woman shot and killed a 19-year-old armed mugger in Chicago.
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Gillette: The Worst An Ad Can Get
InformationLiberationJan 15
Gillette's new ad bashing "toxic masculinity" is crashing and burning.

As of Tuesday morning, the ad had over 3 million views with 292,000 downvotes versus around 55,000 upvotes.
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Nobel Prize-Winning DNA Pioneer James Watson Stripped Of Titles For Insisting Race And IQ Are Linked
InformationLiberationJan 14
Ninety-year-old Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson, who is currently in a nursing home unable to defend himself as a result of a recent debilitating car accident, is being run through the wringer for refusing to renounce his statement that race and genes are linked to IQ.
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Microsoft Partners With Neocon-Backed 'Fact Checker' Seeking To 'Wage War On Independent Media'
InformationLiberationJan 11
Microsoft has partnered with a shoddy Neocon-backed "fact checker" called NewsGuard which rates websites' "credibility" in-browser and NewsGuard's CEO says their goal is to have their software on all smartphones and computers by default.
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'I Helped Google Screw Over James Damore'
InformationLiberationJan 10
Former Google engineer James Damore on Tuesday shared a post from an anonymous Redditor claiming to be a "Google insider" who laid out in detail how the company allegedly scrambled to take him down after learning about his diversity manifesto.
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Germany: Police Ask Woman If She Has Right-Wing Political Views Because She's Wearing Braids
InfowarsJan 10

Google Once Again Changes Search Results After Liberal Journalist Complains
InformationLiberationJan 04
A liberal journalist complained to Google on Tuesday that when she searches "Boston's black neighborhoods" the "first result that pops up is a list of Boston's 'worst' neighborhoods."
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YouTube Begins Injecting Direct Links To CNN At Top Of Search Results
InformationLiberationJan 03
Google-owned YouTube has introduced a new "feature" whereby news-related search terms now offer links directly to CNN's website as the number one result.
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Swedish Media Blasted For Playing Down Horrific Details of Hikers' IS-Inspired Murders in Morocco
RTDec 28

New York Times Pressures Credit Card Giants to Blacklist Gun Purchasers
BreitbartDec 25

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