HATE HOAX: White Father Who Pushed Black Superintendent Was 'Protesting How Bully Incidents Were Handled'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 06, 2024

A white Wisconsin father being dragged through the mud by the media for pushing aside a black superintendent during a graduation ceremony at Baraboo High School allegedly acted "in protest of how the superintendent and the district handled bully incidents related to his daughter," according to locals.

"Comments on social media say the parent did this in protest of how [Superintendent Rainey Briggs] and the district handled bully incidents related to his daughter," local outlet Channel 3000 reported on Wednesday. "The incident is still under investigation."

"Friday's graduation ceremony came during a particularly fraught time in the district," WiscNews reported. "A large group of residents, including a former district teacher who worked in the district prior to Briggs' tenure, have voiced numerous complaints against Briggs, other administrators and the School Board."
The group is currently attempting to recall [School Board President Kevin Vodak] and has until July 14 to submit more than 2,500 signatures to force a recall election. If the campaign is successful, Vodak said the election would be in late August or early September at the earliest. Vodak is up for re-election next spring.

Critics have accused Vodak of favoritism toward the administration, providing inadequate pay and administrative support for teachers, and unfairly firing the former Jack Young Middle School principal, Abby Alt, and school resource officer, Amanda Sabol, among others.

Many of those grievances have been shared through social media, including the Baraboo Community Conversations and Baraboo SD WI Parents' Rights in Education Facebook pages.
"Other complaints include contracts consulting firms belonging to Briggs and one of his associates in 2021 and 2024, salaries for administrators, including Briggs and business director Yvette Updike, student behavior issues, and high staff turnover during the superintendent's tenure," WiscNews reported on Wednesday.

"Influencers" on social media -- including conservative Collin Rugg -- pushed the hate hoax to millions without even trying to get the dad's side of the story.

Wisconsin State Rep. Francesca Hong, D-Madison, on Wednesday shared a post from a Twitter user calling the father a "racist piece of shit" and personally condemned what she called the father's "gross & racist conduct."

The Daily Mail doxed the father as 49-year-old Matt Eddy and attempted to smear him by framing him as a racist.

The New York Post also tried to smear the father by framing him as a racist and they failed to include even one line questioning the popular narrative.

"Baraboo High School was previously the center of racial controversy in 2018 when a group of then-students were photographed giving the Nazi salute during a prom photo shoot, while a boy in the front row also flashed an 'Okay' sign which has become associated with white power groups," the NY Post wrote, seeking to further inflame anti-white sentiment.

This reminds me of how conservative influencers like Ben Shapiro rushed to condemn the Covington Catholic kids and assumed the worst just because they were white.

[This post was updated with additional information from WiscNews about parents' complaints related to Briggs' consulting firms contracts and salaries for administrators.]

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