Alan Dershowitz: 'Any University That Divests from Israel Should Have Its Federal Funding Terminated'

Chris Menahan
May. 07, 2024

Jeffrey Epstein's former lawyer Alan Dershowitz said Monday that "any university that divests from Israel should have its federal funding terminated."

You can trash America all you like and divest from US companies but don't you dare divest from Israel.

As I reported last week, Dershowitz is planning to engage in "massive offensive lawfare" against "anti-Semitic" pro-Palestine protesters in order to "bankrupt" them.

This should give us an idea of the type of lawfare he's looking at. The "Antisemitism Awareness Act" the House passed last week is directly aimed at cutting federal funding to universities by empowering civil rights complaints from Jewish students who claim they feel "unsafe."

I guess we're going to hear next how Jewish students feel "unsafe" because their campus isn't subsidizing Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza.

In related news, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced over the weekend that his state will "never" divest from Israel but will use "all law-enforcement tools" at their disposal to shut down pro-Palestine protests, which he characterized as "illegal."

Abbott in March signed an executive order to punish "antisemitic rhetoric" on college campuses and in April cheered the arrest of pro-Palestine protesters at UT Austin.

Abbott's hands are tied when it comes to securing our border but he's more than happy to ignore the law and trash the Bill of Rights in defense of Israel.

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