BlackRock CEO: 'Xenophobic' Countries With Shrinking Populations May Be The 'Big Winners' in AI-Driven Future

Chris Menahan
May. 03, 2024

Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock who has spent years pushing open borders and mass immigration onto America, told the World Economic Forum this week that "xenophobic" countries with "declining populations" may actually be the "big winners" in a future dominated by AI and robotics.

From The Sociable, " 'Social problems in substituting humans for machines will be easier in developed countries with declining populations': Larry Fink to WEF":
"I can argue in the developed countries the big winners are countries that have shrinking populations," [Fink said on Monday at the WEF in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia].

"We always used to think shrinking population is a cause for negative growth, but in my conversations with the leadership of these large, developed countries that have xenophobic immigration policies, they don't allow anybody to come in, shrinking demographics these countries will rapidly develop robotics and AI and technology.

"And if the promise, and it's going to happen, if the promise of all of that transforms productivity, which most of us think it will, we'll be able to elevate the standard of living of countries, the standard of living of individuals, even with shrinking populations."

[...] "The paradigm of negative population growth is going to be changing, and the social problems that one will have in substituting humans for machines is going to be far easier in those countries that have declining populations," said Fink.

"For those countries that have rising populations, the answer will be education for those countries that do not have a foundation of rule of law or education, that's where the divide's going to get more and more extreme," he added.
Clueless conservatives are acting like Fink is pushing a "depopulation agenda" when in truth he's reluctantly acknowledging that AI and robotics will make sheer population numbers obsolete when you can build millions or even billions of AI-driven robots to serve as your nation's workforce.

He's admitting the "xenophobic" and homogenous nations he has denigrated like Japan will not face anywhere near the social upheaval we'll see in America thanks to his open borders policies and mass immigration leaving millions of "useless eaters" without work when AI and robotics make their jobs obsolete.

His proposed solution to this problem being "education" is a pipedream I highly doubt even he believes. The real solution is mass deportations -- which is exactly what an Axios poll from last week found the majority of Americans now want.

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