'We Own This Country': Mark Levin Says Pro-Palestine Protesters Should be 'Rounded Up and Deported'

Chris Menahan
Apr. 30, 2024

Fox News host Mark Levin said Monday that pro-Palestine protesters should be rounded up, arrested, doxed, placed on blacklists to never find a job and deported.

"Round them up, deport those who are here on student visas, arrest all others, and put out their names and photos so everyone knows who never to hire," Levin, a former critic of cancel culture, said. "Make sure they receive no student loan forgiveness or any other federal funds of any kind. They might be Hamas. We are red-blooded Americans. We own this country. They don't."

Levin made the comment in response to an article from NBC News titled, "Student protestors defy Columbia University's deadline to vacate campus or face suspension."

Levin said on his show Sunday that he calls pro-Palestine protesters "the Hitler Youth" and argued their protests at universities across America are just like the "Third Reich."

He's also now calling for the International Criminal Court to be "added to our terror list" due to rumors they're considering issuing an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes.

Levin called Biden "evil" earlier this month for criticizing Israel's drone-striking of World Central Kitchen aid workers and said last year that the pro-Palestine protests on college campuses remind him of "Kristallnacht."

In the wake of October 7, Levin also urged Israel to consider the Samson Option -- Israel's plan to fire off all their nukes and initiate a global nuclear holocaust if their existence is threatened.

This self-described "constitutionalist" who claims to care all about "life" and "liberty" wants to eliminate all our freedoms and nuke the planet in defense of Israel.

[Header image by Gage Skidmore, Cropped, CC BY SA 2.0]

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