Samson Option: Mark Levin Urges Israel to Consider Firing Off Entire Nuclear Arsenal If Threatened

"If Israel is going to face annihilation, you think they have those nukes in there to collect dust?"
Chris Menahan

Oct. 16, 2023

Fox News host Mark Levin went on an unhinged rant Sunday urging Israel to consider the Samson Option -- Israel's plan to fire off all their nukes and initiate a global nuclear holocaust if their existence is threatened -- and arrogantly scolded a fellow Fox News host for suggesting America stay out of Israel's wars.


"What are they [Israel] going to do if they're surrounded?" Levin said. "What are they going to do if 150,000 advanced missiles are going to be shot? What are they going to do if Iran gets involved? Well, they can't win a conventional war. What are they going to do?"

"I think I know what they'd do," Levin continued. "I know what we would do, we would destroy the enemy, because otherwise we're exterminated. That's all I have to say!"

Levin arrogantly scolded fellow Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy after she suggested that America can't afford another war and told Levin it's "not anti-Semitic to say that we as Americans should take a pause."

"Look, I didn't say it was anti-Semitic, that's number one, so I don't appreciate that either," Levin snapped. "Number two the Israelis haven't asked us to get involved, they told us to give them equipment. Number three, they have their own [nuclear] arsenal, which they never admit."

"If Israel is going to face annihilation, you think they have those nukes in there to collect dust?" Levin said.

"If you're a country that has that type of weaponry, and your people are going to be slaughtered as they were -- except this time totally destroyed, they need to be thinking about all their options," he said, alluding to the Samson Option.

"So when we go on TV and say 'what are they going to do, what are they going to do, they're surrounded, they're going to wipe them out, we can't send troops, we can't do--' fine! But if I'm the president or prime minister of Israel I've got to think it all through -- all of it!" Levin said.

"As far as the US military being stretched, that's not Israel's fault! It's [got] nothing to do with Israel!" he insisted.

"It might be nice if we actually started to fund our military too and not treat it like it's some secondary agency and put a 19 percent increase to the EPA," Levin continued. "We have a lot of problems in this country -- a lot -- but that's not on the head of the Israeli people who are trying to survive."

Ben Shapiro, in so many words, similarly floated the Samson Option as a reason for the US to provide additional aid to Israel on his show last week:

The Samson Option, which Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro are so eager to threaten, is Israel's threat to wipe out the entire planet if their 75-year-old Zionist project -- which they chose to place in Palestine surrounded by their blood enemies -- goes south.

Both Levin and Shapiro sell themselves as American super patriots and yet they're floating Israel initiating a global nuclear holocaust as a threat to demand US military aid.

[Header image by Gage Skidmore, Cropped, CC BY SA 2.0]

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