Bari Weiss' Free Speech Martyr Uri Berliner Wants FBI and Police to Spy on Pro-Palestine Activists

Chris Menahan
Apr. 17, 2024

NPR editor Uri Berliner, who Bari Weiss' "Free Press" is pushing as a free speech martyr, shared a tweet "hoping" the FBI and NYPD were spying on pro-Palestine activists and pushed the "40 beheaded babies" hoax.

Just as Bari Weiss quit the New York Times after hilariously claiming they weren't pro-Israel enough, Berliner is quitting NPR after hilariously claiming they're not pro-Israel enough.

His retweeting lies and disinformation in support of Israel's genocide campaign goes directly against NPR's social media policies but somehow he's the victim:

Weiss followed up Berliner's stunt with an article from Eli Lake smearing Tucker Carlson for criticizing Israel:

In his propaganda piece, Lake attacked Carlson as "Noam Chomsky in a bow tie" and insisted he's "wrong when he asserts that Israel and America are no better than their enemies."

Carlson now "proudly apologizes for evil and calls it the truth," Lake claimed, adding: "I look forward to his next dispatch, praising the gleaming shopping malls of Tehran."

Be sure to check out Weiss's "Free Press" for the latest dispatches from Tel Aviv.

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