Israeli Reporter: IDF Commanders' Orders Are to 'Just Shoot Every Man in Fighting Age'

Chris Menahan
Apr. 04, 2024

Israeli reporter Barak Ravid told CNN on Wednesday that an Israel Defense Forces reserve officer told him the orders from the commanders on the ground in Gaza are to "just shoot every man in fighting age."

Ravid, an Axios reporter with deep connections to the Israeli government, told Anderson Cooper that the drone-striking of the World Central Kitchen volunteers "shouldn't come as a surprise."

"You know, you remember that just a few weeks ago, three Israeli hostages that managed to escape their captors were killed by Israeli soldiers who fired at them even though they were holding a white flag. Okay," Ravid said. "And, you know, I spoke to, an Israeli reserve officer who was in the same unit to those soldiers who shot those hostages. And I remember him telling me that the orders are basically from the commanders on the ground is 'just shoot every man in fighting age.' Those are the orders, but those are, but that's not the rules of engagement that is coming from the IDF leadership."

Though such comments are shocking, Ravid was actually running damage control for the Israeli government as they actually explicitly tell their troops to kill not only men of fighting age but also children and babies.

While Ravid is trying to claim this was all just some random commanders, these orders came from the top down when Netanyahu opened the war by labeling the Palestinians as "Amalek."

The troops on the ground got the message loud and clear.

By stating they're at war with "Amalek," Netanyahu explicitly called for a war of extermination.

The fact no one is being punished for any of Israel's war crimes is further proof this is all being approved from the top-down.

With Israel facing tremendous backlash and admitting to the media that they "may not be able to destroy Hamas," a strategic pivot is being made to try and scapegoat Netanyahu for everything and act like all their war crimes were just a comedy of errors.

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