Israel 'Admits It May Not Be Able to Destroy Hamas,' Blames America

Chris Menahan
Mar. 28, 2024

Israel is now admitting they "may not be able to destroy Hamas" and they're trying to pin the blame on America.

This is the thanks we get for sending them billions of taxpayer dollars and endless weapons for seven decades!

From The Telegraph, "Israel admits it may not be able to destroy Hamas now US has turned its back":
Israel may not be able to destroy Hamas despite five months of intense fighting in Gaza, intelligence officials have admitted.

The main objective of the Gaza invasion faces failure as international support turns against Israel, sources warned.

[...] Israel believes it may be too late to find and destroy [the remaining Hamas battalions] as the US has "turned its back on Israel".

[...] "If you'd asked me this a month ago, I would definitely say yes [we can eliminate Hamas] because at that time the Americans were backing Israel," an Israeli intelligence source said. They suggested this assessment had now changed.

[...] "The US doesn't support going into Rafah which they did before, so the cards right now are not good, meaning Israel has to do something dramatic and drastic to change the momentum and climate," the source said.

"We have to go into Rafah, one way or another, but very aggressively," they insisted, without which, the chances of Hamas's survival look more likely.
The idea of destroying Hamas was always far-fetched -- that's why Israel focused on bombing Gaza into the Stone Age (with US-supplied weaponry) and ethnically cleansing the land for additional Jewish settlements.

Had they focused on actually fighting Hamas rather than bombing men, women and children en masse in the name of "wiping out Amalek" perhaps they could have been more successful but they also would have taken more military losses.

Israel can hardly call this war a "success" considering the entire world is now united against them for committing genocide.

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