Report: Trump Allies Aim to Use Civil-Rights-Era Laws to Fight Anti-White Discrimination

Chris Menahan
Apr. 01, 2024

"If Donald Trump returns to the White House, close allies want to dramatically change the government's interpretation of Civil Rights-era laws to focus on 'anti-white racism' rather than discrimination against people of color," Axios reports.

From Axios, "Exclusive: Trump allies plot anti-racism protections for white people":
Why it matters: Trump's Justice Department would push to eliminate or upend programs in government and corporate America that are designed to counter racism that has favored whites.

Targets would range from decades-old policies aimed at giving minorities economic opportunities, to more recent programs that began in response to the pandemic and the killing of George Floyd.

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung told Axios: "As President Trump has said, all staff, offices, and initiatives connected to Biden's un-American policy will be immediately terminated."

[...] Zoom in: Other Trump-aligned groups are preparing for a future Trump Justice Department to implement or challenge policies on a broader scale.

The Heritage Foundation's well-funded "Project 2025" envisions a second Trump administration ending what it calls "affirmative discrimination."

Part of the plan, written by former Trump Justice Department official Gene Hamilton, argues that "advancing the interests of certain segments of American society ... comes at the expense of other Americans and in nearly all cases violates longstanding federal law."
It's nice to hear Trump's "allies" are pushing these policies but why can't Trump come out and call for this himself?

None of this is controversial anymore and multiple cases have been won pushing back against anti-white discrimination and affirmative action.

Trump himself told Axios in 2018 that he was going to do an executive order to end birthright citizenship but he never followed through on his pledge.

Trump's team also told Axios in 2022 that he plans a "purge" of the deep state if re-elected and will not be bringing Jared Kushner and Ivanka back into the White House.

Seeing as how Jared Kushner is going around doing speaking tours and making inflammatory comments shilling for Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza, I can't say that I believe him.

[Header image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED]

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