Israel Demands U.S. Launch Regime Change War Against Iran

Chris Menahan
Dec. 29, 2023

Israel is demanding America fight Israel's war with Iran and "bring down" their "regime."

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday titled, "The U.S. and Israel Need to Take Iran On Directly."

Bennett writes in the WSJ:
The Iranian regime is at the center of most of the Middle East's problems and much of global terror. Yet inexplicably, almost nobody is touching it. For the past 45 years, the regime has been the source of endless war, terror and suffering throughout the world. I've come to realize that enough is enough. The evil empire of Iran must be brought down.

[...] Iran constantly attacks Israel via its proxies in such places as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Yemen. Its brutal Quds unit exported terror around the globe. Iran's terrorist proxies have waged war on every moderate element in the Middle East. They've attacked the Saudi oil company Aramco, the United Arab Emirates, the Kurds and Israel on many occasions. The most amazing part: Iran has largely gotten away with it.

[...] Israel's national-security resources must be focused on weakening our primary enemy—Iran.

There are many ways to weaken Iran: empower domestic opposition, ensure internet continuity during riots against the regime, strengthen its enemies, increase sanctions and economic pressures. But Israel can’t and shouldn’t do this alone. The U.S. should be leading the effort. This doesn't require a full-scale war, just as the demise of the Soviet Union didn't result from total war. Rather, the Soviet Union collapsed from internal rot coupled with external pressure applied by the U.S.

[...] The U.S. and Israel must set the clear goal of bringing down Iran's evil regime. Not only is this possible. It is vital for the safety and security of the Middle East—and the entire civilized world.
Key line: "The U.S. should be leading the effort."

As a reminder, Israel lied America into the war in Iraq and then didn't even send one single troop to help in the battle.

Israel also reportedly convinced America to assassinate Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by supplying intelligence painting him as an "immediate threat" -- then failed to back up the effort.

They're now pushing atrocity propaganda to justify their ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza just like they pushed fake lies about WMDs in Iraq to con America into fighting their war.

Our "special relationship" with Israel is a completely one-sided endeavor that's isolating us from the entire world.

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