Blinken: 'The Sexual Violence That We Saw on Oct 7 is Beyond Anything That I Have Seen'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 11, 2023

Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday that the "sexual violence that we saw on October 7 [by Hamas] is beyond anything that I have seen" -- which makes sense if you realize he didn't actually see anything.

From CNN, "Blinken calls sexual violence inflicted by Hamas 'beyond anything I've seen' ":
"I don't know why countries, leaders, international organizations were so slow to focus on this, to bring it to people's attention. I'm glad it is finally happening," Blinken told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union." "The atrocities that we saw on October 7 are almost beyond human description or beyond our capacity to digest. And we've talked about them before, but the sexual violence that we saw on October 7 is beyond anything that I've seen either."

[...] Asked by Tapper why the United Nations and the international community have been so slow to respond to the allegations, Blinken said, "I think it is a question that these organizations, these countries need to ask themselves."

[...] Israeli police are interrogating suspects and compiling evidence, including video, forensics and witness testimony, to investigate accusations of rape during the attacks.
That's what they call "enhanced interrogation."
CNN cannot independently verify individual allegations and claims. [...]

Hamas denied that its militants committed rape during the attacks in a statement last week on Telegram and decried what it called "the coordination of some Western media outlets with the Zionist misleading campaigns that promote unfounded lies and allegations aimed at demonizing the Palestinian resistance..."
Note that Jake Tapper took the exact same line which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put out days earlier, suggesting the entire world is anti-Semitic for not believing Israel's evidence-free claims.

These two might as well be working directly for Netanyahu's press office as they're repeating all his talking points.

The most ridiculous atrocity propaganda Israel put out to back up their "mass rape/sexual violence" claims was all debunked last week by The Grayzone.

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