NYPD Chief: 'There Was No Danger to Any Students' at Cooper Union Pro-Palestine Protest

Chris Menahan
Oct. 26, 2023

Jewish students at Cooper Union were not in any danger, nor were they "barricaded" inside the school's library during a pro-Palestine protest on Wednesday, despite hysterical claims from pro-Israel activists who compared the scene to the Holocaust.

The myth:

The reality:

"Police were there from start to finish," Chief John Chell revealed during a press conference on Thursday.

"There was no direct threat, there was no damage and there was no danger to any students in that school," Chell continued. "The students were not barricaded ... A school administrator thought it was prudent to close the doors."

Students were asked if they wanted taxi rides home and "they said, 'No, we feel safe, we're good,' and they all left," Chell added.

This whole story was pure, unadulterated, hysterical propaganda.

From New York Post, "Jewish students reveal what really happened at Cooper Union protest":
"When they started banging on the door, my heart started pounding," the student told The Post Wednesday. "I was crying. I think if the doors weren't locked -- I don't know what would have happened."

As a young Jewish woman at the university of less than 1,000 students, Lent said she now questions her welfare on campus.

"I mainly fear for my safety on campus and in my school buildings," she said.
Jewish Republican councilwoman Inna Vernikov from Brooklyn demanded University president Laura Sparks resign over the incident.

She claimed on X that the Jewish students who were "barricaded" in the library were "TERRIFIED," "SHAKEN," "traumatized" and said they "will never walk in there feeling alright again."

Vernikov actually showed up with a gun to a pro-Palestine protest at Brooklyn College two weeks ago.

Imagine having that level of privilege!

As Glenn Greenwald noted on Thursday, this hysterical nonsense would have been laughed at and ruthlessly mocked by conservatives if the designated "victim" group was "trans or black or immigrant students."

Instead, both sides of the aisle are crying and demanding hate speech prosecutions and safe spaces in America where criticism of Israel is outlawed.

Every GOP controlled opposition shill from Ben Shapiro to Libs of TikTok to Charlie Kirk and so on has exposed themselves as whiny cry bullies and safe-space-needing SJWs who embody all the "woke" "cancel culture" nonsense they claim to be against.

They're all now cheering the Anti-Defamation League, aiding in their witch hunts and demanding 232 years of First Amendment protections be thrown in the trash to protect the foreign state of Israel!

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