Poll: Majority of Americans Say U.S. Should NOT Send Weapons and Supplies to Israel

Chris Menahan
Oct. 20, 2023

A new poll from CBS News/YouGov found the majority of Americans are against "sending weapons and supplies" to Israel amid their conflict with Gaza.

The poll found 52% of Americans said the US should not "send weapons and supplies to Israel" versus 48% who said we should.

CBS News buried the lede in their report on the poll, titling their article, "Amid concern about wider war, Americans give mixed reactions to Biden's approach toward Israel-Hamas conflict."

They didn't even mention that the majority of Americans oppose sending "weapons and supplies" to Israel in their article and instead said Americans were "split" on the issue.

The Biden regime on Friday requested another $105 billion in aid for Israel and Ukraine.

"If approved, $61.4 billion in aid would go to Ukraine, and $14.3 billion in aid would go to Israel," NBC News reported. "The White House requested $9.15 billion in aid for humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza 'and other needs.' "

Israel regularly uses the billions of dollars in aid the US gives them every year to buy US treasuries, effectively lending us back our own aid money and charging us interest on it. The US Treasury's latest numbers showed Israel is holding $46 billion in US treasuries. They could easily use that money to fund their war on Gaza but instead they're taking advantage of Hamas' attack to demand even more US taxpayer dollars.

The House and Senate, members of whom are showing up to the Capitol wearing their IDF uniforms and waving Israeli flags, are likely going to demand Israel get even more than the $14.3+ billion the White House is asking for.

Our Congress can't agree on doing anything to help America but they can all agree on ignoring the will of the American people to send more of our money and weapons to Israel.

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