Pentagon Press Sec: 'The CDC Has Stated There is No Evidence That Depleted Uranium Rounds Cause Cancer'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 08, 2023

Secondhand smoke is a deadly menace responsible for millions of Americans' deaths but breathing in depleted uranium is nothing to worry about!

Spreading depleted uranium throughout Ukraine is a total GIRL BOSS move!

If you're worried about cancer and birth defects you can just withdraw your tanks from Ukraine, sweetie!

Q: Sabrina, on the uranium rounds that were announced...


Q: ... the Kremlin criticized -- has now criticized it as a bad move, discussing the cancer-causing nature of -- of the product, a criticism that others have brought up, obviously, in the past. What is your response to people who are greatly concerned about that aspect of this weapon?

MS. SINGH: Yeah.

Q: And secondly, can you address what the U.S. thinks is the benefit that these rounds will bring? And how soon will they be on the battlefield?

MS. SINGH: Sure. So on the first question, in terms of the health impacts of the depleted uranium rounds, I would push back on the assertion from Russian officials. Here, the CDC has stated that there is no evidence that the depleted uranium rounds cause cancer. The World Health Organization reports that there has been no increase of leukemia or other cancers and -- that have been established following any exposure to uranium or D.U. And even the IAEA has stated unequivocally that there is no proven link between D.U. exposure and increases in cancers or significant health or environmental impacts, so I would push back on that. In terms of your second question, these are anti-tank rounds. They're meant to pierce tanks, and they're meant to be used -- they will be used very effectively on the battlefield. These are standard issued rounds. These are what these Abrams tanks will use, and many militaries across the world use depleted uranium in their tanks. So we feel that these will be the most effective rounds to counter Russian tanks, and will help continue -- will help the Ukrainians to defend their -- the battlefield -- to defend their territory.
"Depleted uranium has been linked to birth defects and a spike in cancer cases," Declassified UK reports:
Soldiers can be exposed when projectiles strike their targets. They can fragment, releasing fine particles that can contaminate the area and be inhaled or ingested.

Military personnel involved in handling, transporting or working near depleted uranium munitions or damaged armoured vehicles can also be at risk.

There are also potential long term environmental impacts of DU in post-conflict zones whether heavy metals leaking into water or residents being in close contact with the ammunition.
Contrast the DC regime's lax views on DU versus secondhand smoke. The CDC claims there is "no safe level of exposure" to secondhand smoke and it has killed some "2.5 million" Americans "since 1964." They also claim secondhand smoke causes sudden infant death syndrome.

The Biden regime is also sending widely-banned cluster munitions to Ukraine, even though they said last year it "would potentially be a war crime" if the same munitions were used by Russia.

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