Elon Musk Asks The ADL Why They're 'Silent' on South African Party's Call for 'Literal Genocide' of Whites

Chris Menahan
Aug. 09, 2023

Twitter/X CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday asked the Anti-Defamation League why they've stayed "silent" over a South African black party chanting for the "literal genocide" of whites during a massive political rally over a week ago.

"They absolutely mean literal genocide," Musk said. "Why are organizations like @ADL silent?"

"The only time the ADL mentioned the killing of white farmers in South Africa was to condemn people who talk about it," End Wokeness commented.

Musk, who was born in South Africa, went on a tear over the issue:

The media have made it abundantly clear they're more outraged about Elon Musk "raising the specter of white genocide" than Malema calling for white genocide.

From The Washington Post, "Elon Musk raises the specter of 'white genocide' ":
At a hearing last year, Malema said the lyrics were not to be taken literally, but rather reflected opposition to "the system of oppression." A Johannesburg high court ruled last year that the EFF's singing of "Kill the Boer" was not hate speech.

[...] That Musk weighed in on a topic related to the land of his birth through the hysteria of [Benny] Johnson, who erroneously, though tellingly, labeled Malema's EFF as "South Africa's Black party," is revealing. The specter of "white genocide" is a long-standing trope among U.S. white nationalists and their fellow travelers in the right-wing establishment. South African white rights activists have found an audience among the American far right, whose members see a bizarre parable for the fate that may await them in South African Whites' supposed vulnerability to the predations of hostile Blacks and neglect by a Black-majority government.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson devoted multiple news segments in 2018 to a string of "farm murders" of Whites in South Africa, which were amplified by then-President Donald Trump, who directed then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to examine the issue. Never mind that there's no evidence of excess violence in South Africa directed toward White farmers indeed, the data suggests the opposite, that they are far less likely to be the targets of violent crime than the general South African population.

But the myth of "white genocide" in South Africa has a powerful valence, nonetheless.
Whites living in armed compounds are less likely to be killed than the general population with no security, therefore the idea whites are being targeted is a "myth."

That is literally their argument.

When Trump ordered an investigation into the "large scale killing" of white farmers in South Africa in 2018, the ADL essentially ran cover for the killers by similarly claiming it was all a myth made up by "white supremacists."

Meanwhile, talking heads on MSNBC at the time laughed about the slaughter.

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