"I Do Not Know The Plans of Our Govt, But It Looks Like The Extermination of Its Own Population"

Chris Menahan
Jun. 26, 2023

The Zelensky regime's goal in Ukraine appears to be "the extermination of its own population," according to a Ukrainian soldier who served on the frontlines in Bakhmut.

The soldier made the comments as part of a VICE documentary released on Saturday.

As the WSJ reported last month, the Zelensky regime is drafting poor, untrained men -- some of whom have never held a gun -- and sending them straight to the frontlines to serve as cannonfodder.

On Monday, horrific video was released showing inexperienced Ukrainian soldiers with US-supplied Bradley fighting vehicles taking part in the US-backed counteroffensive getting their legs blown off while traversing a minefield.

The poor sap above can be seen jumping right onto a mine and getting his legs blown off before his comrades drag him back into their tank, leaving behind a huge trail of blood.

This war should have ended a year ago with Zelensky accepting Putin's peace deal but instead he took billions in bribes from the West to drag the war on in perpetuity.

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