Neocons Working to Foment Insurgency in Ukraine, Turn Country Into The Next Afghanistan

Chris Menahan
Mar. 08, 2022

The neocons guiding the Biden regime have openly stated that the purpose of arming Ukrainians to the teeth is to foment an insurgency and drag the war on in perpetuity as part of a US proxy war with Russia.

Neocon Iraq war architect Eliot A. Cohen laid out their goals plainly in an article for neocon Jeffrey Goldberg's The Atlantic.

From The Atlantic:
The Strategy That Can Defeat Putin

The U.S.-led coalition of liberal-democratic states should pursue three objectives.

By Eliot A. Cohen | MARCH 7, 2022

Western strategy should rest on three pillars: vigorous and imaginative military support to Ukrainian regular and irregular forces; sanctions that will hobble the Russian economy; and construction of a militarily powerful European alliance that can secure the border with Russia as long as that country remains a menace.

The means at hand are obvious, even if the manner of their exploitation is not. The most obvious is the armament of Ukraine, which has already begun. It is a moral imperative. When people are willing to fight for their freedom against an enemy whose methods and aims are so clearly evil, the West owes its effectual support to those taking up arms. But it is also a strategic imperative, intended to hamstring the Russian military and weaken Putin’s position.

Support to the Ukrainian military and, should Ukrainian cities fall, to the continuing insurgency has the prospect of exceptional success. [...]

Michael Vickers, who was the mastermind of the CIA program supporting the anti-Soviet campaign in Afghanistan, lays out the lessons of that campaign in his forthcoming memoir, By All Means Available. A well-armed and determined population, Vickers contends, can defeat even a brutal superpower—and Russia is no longer that. The important thing is to move at scale and with urgency in support of such an insurgency. The tide turned in Afghanistan in a relatively short period of time, when the Afghanistan Covert Action Plan went from $60 million in fiscal year 1985 to $250 million the next year, a sum doubled by Saudi support. Remarkably, the CIA did not ask for this increase and may have opposed it, but congressional supporters led by the redoubtable Charlie Wilson carried the day. In less than a year, the program went from supplying 10 metric tons of weaponry to more than six times as much. Within another year, the sum of money and resources was doubled.

Not just the sheer quantity of support but its breadth made a difference—including man-portable air-defense systems such as Stinger missiles, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, and secure communications technology.
Chuck Schumer on Tuesday said what's happening in Ukraine is "a holocaust" and called for the US to give $12 billion in Stingers, Javelins and other deadly weaponry to help Ukrainians "defend themselves."

The goal of this $12 billion in "lethal aid" is clearly to foment an insurrection.

Cohen goes on in his Atlantic piece to endorse the use of suicide drones against the Russians:
Carl von Clausewitz famously said that the maximum use of force is by no means incompatible with the simultaneous use of the intellect. That applies to Ukraine. Adapted civilian technologies (suicide drones, for example) and civilian computer-hacker militias have a role to play in its defense. The key is to give full rein to the creative covert operations and military talents that the United States and countries like Britain and Poland have in abundance.
Cohen called for further sanctions and said the US should "permanently station" troops in Poland and other Baltic states near Russia's border (to further agitate the Russians).
The final pillar of Western strategy lies in building an impregnable eastern glacis for NATO and, in particular, strengthening frontline allies and those leading the defense of the continent against Russia. Poland is the key state: Its determination to confront Russia is unlimited, its military is competent and accustomed to service alongside the United States, and its willingness to spend on its own defense is evident in its recent decision to increase defense spending to 3 percent of its GDP, rather than the NATO-mandated 2 percent, and to buy 250 American M1 tanks.

The American role here is partly to maintain a visible presence on the front lines. Now is the time to permanently station American armored forces in the Baltic states and Poland—a deterrent, but also part of the price Russia would pay for its aggression. An equally important task is to help quickly arm those countries seeking to defend themselves: Lend Lease 2.0, some have called it, referring to the program of American aid during the Second World War. That means once again turning the United States into an arsenal of democracy, advancing the smaller European states the funds they require to obtain the full panoply of military hardware needed to defend themselves against Russian aggression. Holding as it does large stocks of surplus military hardware, the United States can move to strengthen its European allies.
Indeed, threatening Russia on NATO's behalf worked out great for Ukraine, no doubt it'll work out just great for Poland, Latvia and everyone else!

Avril Haines echoed the same rhetoric on Tuesday and said Russia is likely to face "a persistent and significant insurgency" in Ukraine.

Max Boot also said similar:

The Washington Post reported last week that "the U.S. and its allies are planning for a Ukrainian government-in-exile and fueling a long insurgency against a Russian occupation."

Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake said Russia's frozen assets should be given to "a Ukrainian insurgency" if the government falls.

All these neocons are pushing the exact same line.

Hillary Clinton said similar last week:

They don't give a damn about the Ukrainian people being forced to suffer under potentially decades of endless war, all they care about is using them as pawns in their game to fight the Russkies.

They support arming women and children and giving them Molotov cocktails to throw at trained Russian solders.

John Mearsheimer said all the way back in 2014 after the US-backed color revolution in Ukraine that "the West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path and the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked."

Last week, neocon Anne Applebaum tried to blame Mearsheimer for the war.

Neocons are truly sick bastards.

Fortunately, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday signaled he's open to accepting several of Putin's terms on ending the war.

If Zelensky accepts Putin's peace deal and defies the neocons whispering in his ear to drag this war on forever, that would be the first heroic act he's done this entire war.

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