'I'll Never Leave': Trump Vows Not to Quit Presidential Race Even If Convicted

Chris Menahan
Jun. 11, 2023

Former President Donald Trump pledged on Saturday that he will "never leave" the presidential race even if he is convicted at the hands of the "thugs and degenerates" in Washington who want to throw him in prison for life.

From Politico:
"I'll never leave," Trump said in an interview aboard his plane. "Look, if I would have left, I would have left prior to the original race in 2016. That was a rough one. In theory that was not doable."

Trump is not legally prohibited from running for president from prison or as a convicted felon. [...]

The former president leveled harsh criticisms at special counsel Jack Smith and argued that the case against him was politically motivated and flimsy. "These are thugs and degenerates who are after me," he said.

Trump predicted he would not be convicted and said he did not anticipate taking a plea deal, though he left open the possibility of doing so "where they pay me some damages."

He sidestepped the possibility that he would pardon himself should he win the presidency in 2024. "I don't think I'll ever have to," Trump said. "I didn't do anything wrong."

While Trump said campaign fundraising had skyrocketed since the indictment was issued, he conceded it was an unwelcome development.

"Nobody wants to be indicted," said Trump. "I don't care that my poll numbers went up by a lot. I don't want to be indicted. I've never been indicted. I went through my whole life, now I get indicted every two months. It's been political."
Trump visited a Waffle House in Columbus, Georgia on Saturday and met with supporters.

Trump also gave speeches in Georgia and North Carolina.

Trump is at his best when under fire.

[Header image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0]

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