Biden Says It's 'Morally Wrong' For States to Ban Child Sex Changes

Chris Menahan
Oct. 24, 2022

It is "morally wrong" for conservative states to ban child sex changes and puberty blockers, Joe Biden told a "transgender" TikToker who was dressed as a woman at the White House on Friday.

Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney asked Biden at the Now This News presidential forum, "Do you think states should have a right to ban gender-affirming health care?"

"I don't think any state or anybody should have the right to do that," Biden responded. "As a moral question and as a legal question, I just think it's wrong."

Mulvaney opened the interview by telling Biden, "Mr. president, this is my 221st day of publicly transitioning."

Biden responded, "God love you."

Here's the full video if you can stomach it:

Biden said repeatedly that transgenderism is a moral good and people need to be exposed to it more to learn how wonderful it is.

"Just because it's different, there's nothing to be fearful about," Biden said.

Biden couldn't find the time to meet with the families of those killed in Waukesha but he does have the time to invite trangender lunatics to the White House to shill child sex changes.

We hear incessantly about right-wing "radicalization" on the internet, yet this lunacy is what's promoted by our ruling elites.

Child genital mutilation is a "moral good," "best practice" and something that God "loves" but Americans wanting to preserve their heritage is evil.

The decadence of our occupiers is beyond belief!

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