FDA Unilaterally Bans Juul E-Cigarettes

Chris Menahan
Jun. 23, 2022

The FDA on Thursday decided to destroy an American business just for kicks.

From CNBC, "FDA bans Juul e-cigarettes as U.S. pursues broader crackdown on nicotine products":
The Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that it is banning the sale of Juul e-cigarettes in the U.S.

Juul intends to seek a stay on the decision and is exploring options, which include appealing the decision or engaging with the FDA, Chief Regulatory Officer Joe Murillo said in a statement.

The ban is part of the FDA's broader review of the vaping industry following years of pressure from politicians and public health groups to regulate the segment as strictly as other tobacco products after vaping became more common among high schoolers.
The same FDA which signed off on giving children puberty blockers and experimental mRNA shots shown to reduce sperm counts is deeply concerned about teens smoking e-cigs, apparently.
Juul had sought approval from the agency for its vaping device and tobacco- and menthol-flavored pods, which are available at 5% and 3% nicotine strengths. The flavors were not subject to a 2020 agency ban on mint- and fruit-flavored vaping products that were popular with teens.

A ban on the sale of those remaining products by Juul would deal a hefty blow to the company. Juul's international expansion efforts have been hamstrung by regulations and a lack of consumer interest. The U.S. remains its largest market.
Though the Biden regime is taking away your Juuls, they're happy to hand you a free crack pipe.

According to a recent report, Juul only controls 36% of the e-cig market, so their competitors are no doubt celebrating.

Whether the same (il)logic will be used to ban all e-cigs remains to be seen.

Remember how in 2019 a study came out claiming e-cigs caused heart attacks?

The study, which was funded by the feds and blasted everywhere by the media, was produced by anti-smoking activist Stanton Glantz and ended up getting retracted after it was shown to be a total fraud.

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