Biden Says Americans Shouldn't Worry About Nuclear War... As He Escalates Tensions With Nuclear Russia

Chris Menahan
Feb. 28, 2022

Even though the American public overwhelmingly does not want to get involved in the Russia-Ukraine war, Joe Biden and his handlers have been aggressively getting involved through extreme sanctions, endless "lethal aid" shipments and "hunting down" the assets of Russian oligarchs -- all of which Vladimir Putin has previously said constitute acts of war.

A reporter asked Biden on Monday, "Should Americans be worried about nuclear war?"

"No," Biden responded before walking off.

The only reason this entirely predictable war is happening is because Biden's handlers spit in Putin's eye by ignoring his only two simple requests: stop expanding NATO to Russia's doorstep and stop the endless US "lethal aid" shipments to Ukraine.

Blinken's underlings literally made memes out of the endless "lethal aid" shipments they were sending Ukraine before the war broke out.

"Sweet 16 and just 17 - if you know what I mean: Two planeloads of immediately deployable US assistance arrived this morning in Kyiv to boost Ukraine’s defenses," the US embassy in Kiev tweeted on Feb 13.

If our occupiers knocked off the endless NATO expansionism and stayed out of this war as the American public desired, we would have nothing to worry about and this war wouldn't even be happening.

Unfortunately, Americans now actually do have to worry about the prospect of a nuclear war because our occupiers are f***ing idiots and psychotic lunatics who refuse to ever admit they were wrong and only know how to double down.

That said, in case a nuclear war does break out, Americans should know that according to the Biden regime you can stay safe if you wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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