Car Thieves Are Stealing People's License Plates, Placing Them On Identical Stolen Cars And Racking Up Tickets

Chris Menahan
Jan. 20, 2022

Car thieves in San Francisco are stealing people's license plates, placing them on identical model stolen cars and then driving around town racking up tickets which are sent to their victims.


From KPIX 5, "SF Citizen Detective Finds Her Missing License Plate on Identical Car Stolen From Another Resident":
A San Francisco woman who had her car's front license plate stolen uncovered much more than her property when she went searching for it on Monday.

[...] Crooks are screwing them onto cars of the same make and model. Katie Lyons found multiple parking citations online in the last week, when she went to pay for a legitimate ticket.

She decided to circle the Nob Hill area where the driver had been ticketed, and came across her stolen plate on an identical Audi Q5 on California Street near Leavenworth Street.

"It's sophisticated they stole a white Audi, they found a white Audi, stole the license plate, put it on a white Audi, and who knows what they've been doing with that white Audi," said Lyons.
They were probably using it to buy bread to feed their starving families, attend college and drive their sickly grandmothers to get cancer treatments.

San Francisco these days sees around 6,000 motor vehicle thefts a year. These are the type of creative "innovations" their prolific car thieves are dreaming up.

In related news, it was reported last month that folks in the San Francisco Bay Area seeking to avoid smash and grabs have begun leaving their trunks open to signal they have nothing to steal (other than their car).

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