"I'm Going to Rape You Like I Rape My Daughter": George Soros's Right-Hand Man Howard Rubin Accused Of Sexually Abusing Six Women

Chris Menahan
Aug. 02, 2021

Wall Street financier Howard Rubin, billionaire George Soros's former money manager and right-hand man, is being sued by six women for "beating and assaulting them during kinky BDSM sessions at his Manhattan apartment's sex dungeon."

From The Daily Mail, "George Soros' right-hand man Howard Rubin, 66, is sued by six women who accuse him of 'beating and assaulting them during kinky BDSM sessions at his Manhattan apartment's sex dungeon' ":
Howard Rubin, a former money manager for George Soros, is being accused by six women of beating them during sadomasochistic sex sessions at a specially constructed 'sex dungeon' in his Manhattan apartment.

Rubin, 66, a married, notorious Wall Street trader who is blamed for incurring $377million of losses at Merrill Lynch in 1987, is accused of paying women up to $5,000 in order to take part in BDSM sex.

Now several of the women who took part in the kinky sex sessions are suing the financier, claiming he abused them; ignoring safe words, going beyond the BDSM boundaries and agreements they set before sex, and physically hurt them.

The first accusations were made in November 2017, but a total of six women are now suing Rubin in a civil trial, scheduled for November, for $18 million.

Lurid details set out by the New York Post say that one woman was so badly beaten her plastic surgeon was not willing to operate on her after her right breast implant flipped.

Another woman said she and Rubin had sex against her will claiming that while bound in his chamber he told her: 'I'm going to rape you like I rape my daughter' before forcing her to have intercourse.

[...] One former colleague who worked with Rubin at Soros Fund Management told the Post 'I thought he was a nice guy. He was a nebbishy Jewish guy and totally normal. I was surprised to hear about him having that apartment [with a sex dungeon].'
"[The women] didn't expect to actually be beaten," their attorney told the New York Post.

The Daily Mail has pictures of his alleged victims, all of which appear to be blue-eyed blondes.

Is Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance going to investigate whether or not Rubin raped his own daughter or sexually abused these women?

Vance had plenty of time to bring charges against a random "Karen" for calling the cops on a black guy who was harassing her in a park.

Seeing as how Vance ran cover for Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, I think we all know Howard Rubin is going to be in the clear.

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