Pentagon Hires Google-Funded Moonshot CVE to Spy On U.S. Military Members For 'Extremism'

Chris Menahan
Jul. 21, 2021

The Pentagon under Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin hired a Google and George Soros-funded UK company that works in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to spy on members of our military for "extremism."

From Fox News, "Pentagon contractor investigating 'extremism' says BLM web search raises concerns about White supremacy":
The Pentagon is reportedly working with an extremism analysis company that considers the web search "the truth about Black Lives Matter" and others to be signs of interest in or engagement with White supremacism.

According to Defense One, the contractor Moonshot CVE, which has ties to the Obama Foundation, is working on data that would identify which military bases and branches have the most troops searching for domestic extremist content. While that particular project's contours are unclear, the company previously released a June report, in conjunction with the left-leaning Anti-Defamation League, on purported "White supremacy trends in the United States." [Note: the ADL are far-right ethno-nationalist extremists when it comes to Israel.]

In it, the U.K.-based company said it "monitored a list of almost 1,600 indicators of interest in or engagement with White supremacism, focused specifically on anti-Black and anti-Semitic narratives being used by extremist groups."

As examples, it listed the search phrases "George Floyd deserved to die," "Jews will not replace us" and "the truth about black lives matter."

For "the truth about black lives matter," the group said: "This search suggests that the BLM movement has nefarious motives, and is a disinformation narrative perpetuated by White supremacist groups to weaponize anti-BLM sentiment."

It adds: "While the search phrase appears innocuous, several books include it in their title and allege that the BLM movement is 'joined with Antifa burning and looting.' These sources echo White supremacist disinformation narratives alleging that BLM protesters are trying to 'overthrow the republic' and 'harm American citizens in a Marxist coup,' as a means of delegitimizing it. Multiple videos on YouTube also promote these narratives – in particular the criminalization of BLM – using the identical phrase."
Moonshot is one of many new front groups that echoes the ADL's disinformation narratives that "white supremacists are the greatest terror threat" in order to criminalize speech they deem "hate" and delegitimize Western people's right to exercise self-determination in their own countries.

Moonshot gets funding from Google, Facebook, Twitter, George Soros' Open Society Foundation and more.

They're being inundated with cash and expanding into Ireland and throughout Europe.

They partnered with the ADL a while back to censor the internet under the guise of fighting "hate."

They're now working with the regime to spy on us and take away our rights.

Moonshot's director of product Micah Clark has suggested that what he views as white "extremists" should be "hunted into extinction."

Our privileged overlords have decided that everything they disagree with must be deemed "hate," "extremism" and "disinformation" to justify throwing us into the digital gulag.

If you're not part of the single-digit percentage of Americans who share the fringe "woke" ideology of our overlords then you're an "extremist."

The "moderates" are our overlords who want to eliminate free speech, eliminate "whiteness," criminalize dissent, purge the military, give free sex changes to the troops and strip Americans of their rights over their political views!

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