Nick Fuentes Banned From Twitter After ADL, SPLC Hit Pieces

Chris Menahan
Jul. 09, 2021

Paleoconservative firebrand Nick Fuentes was banned from Twitter on Friday after the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center published hit pieces lobbying for him to be deplatformed.

That's all it takes.

From ReclaimTheNet:
The first of these reports was published by the SPLC on July 7 and revealed that the SPLC had been flagging Fuentes' tweets to Twitter since January 5. According to this report, Twitter refused to censor Fuentes but offered to enroll the SPLC’s "Hatewatch" blog in its "Partner Support Portal" on January 11.

A day later, the ADL published its July 8 report which branded Fuentes a "white supremacist leader" and claimed that Fuentes had used his social media platforms to "make numerous antisemitic and racist comments," promote "election fraud narratives," and encourage his followers to participate in nationwide "Stop the Steal" protests.

On July 9, Fuentes’ Twitter account was suspended.

[...] Not only has Twitter banned Fuentes days after the SPLC and ADL published reports on him but the SPLC also appears to have enrolled in Twitter's priority program (the Partner Support Portal) that allows members to make more direct censorship requests to Twitter.
"The ADL published a report on me and then I was permanently suspended hours later," Nick Fuentes said on Telegram. "That's what happened. Stay tuned to telegram I will be on here later."

"I am the new Rosa Parks," Fuentes said. "I am a civil rights icon."

You can follow Nick on Telegram and Gab.

The SPLC was desperate to take credit for the ban even though pretty much everyone credited the ADL:

ConInc was giddy:

JD Vance, who is running for Senate in Ohio, spoke out somewhat in his defense:

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who is currently lobbying to get Tucker Carlson taken off the air and pressuring cable companies to drop Fox News, also successfully lobbied to get Trump banned from Twitter.

"C.E.O.s have become the fourth branch of government," ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt told the New York Times after Trump's ban. "They're trying to hold the country together."

After lobbying from the ADL and the World Jewish Congress, Mark Zuckerberg last year issued new speech codes for Facebook and Instagram to ban all Holocaust denial as well as all content which depicts "Jewish people running the world or controlling major institutions such as media networks, the economy or the government."

"The idea of banning content that promotes stereotypes of Jewish global control came up a year ago, in a meeting with several Jewish groups convened by Facebook, and was pushed primarily by the World Jewish Congress," The Jewish Daily Forward reported in Aug 2020.

The Pentagon is currently working to partner with the SPLC and the ADL to purge the military of "extremists."

The ADL also trains police forces throughout the country and flies them to Israel to learn how to operate as agents of an occupation government rather than public servants.

As I reported on Thursday, the Capitol Police -- who are trained by the ADL -- are expanding throughout the country, forming their own intelligence agency and appear to be aiming to become a new national police force that's exempt from FOIA and above the law.

"Baltimore law enforcement officials, along with hundreds of others from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state as well as the DC Capitol police have all traveled to Israel for training," Amnesty International reported in 2016:
"Many of these trips are taxpayer funded while others are privately funded. Since 2002, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee's Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)."

"These trainings put Baltimore police and other U.S. law enforcement employees in the hands of military, security and police systems that have racked up documented human rights violations for years. Amnesty International, other human rights organizations and even the U.S. Department of State have cited Israeli police for carrying out extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings, using ill treatment and torture (even against children), suppression of freedom of expression/association including through government surveillance, and excessive use of force against peaceful protesters."

[...] "There are also documented incidents of suppression of freedom of expression by Israeli police. For instance, journalists covering protests have been assaulted or shot. Individuals are also arrested for social media posts or for gathering to peacefully discuss the occupation. Police have harassed and arrested Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu repeatedly since he served his full sentence in 2004. Just this past July, Vanunu was in court for giving a news interview, moving (in the same building) without notifying police and for meeting with foreign nationals."
Though the ADL opposes "white nationalism" in America and labels "The Great Replacement" an "anti-semitic conspiracy theory" they ardently support Jewish nationalism and advance "replacement theory" when it comes to Israel.

The ADL's guide for pro-Israel activists on their website tells followers to say that the idea of "bi-nationalism" in Israel "is unworkable given current realities and historic animosities" and amounts to "nothing less than an indirect attempt to bring about an end to the State of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people."

"With historically high birth rates among the Palestinians, and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, Jews would quickly be a minority within a bi-national state, thus likely ending any semblance of equal representation and protections," the ADL says. "In this situation, the Jewish population would be increasingly politically – and potentially physically – vulnerable."

"It is unrealistic and unacceptable to expect the State of Israel to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory."

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