Capitol Police, Exempt From FOIA & Above The Law, Expanding Throughout U.S. Thanks to $2B in New Funding

The War on Terror turns inward as Biden regime declares "white extremists" number one threat
Chris Menahan

Jul. 08, 2021

The US Capitol Police are expanding their operations throughout the country thanks to $2 billion in new funding secured thanks to the self-professed "Defund the Police" champions of "the Squad."

As we saw with the execution of unarmed 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt at the hands of a still (officially) unnamed Capitol police officer and his swift exoneration by Attorney General Merrick Garland's corrupt Department of Justice, the Capitol police are allowed to kill people with impunity.

They're also exempt from the Freedom of Information Act:

In a press release shared on Tuesday, the Capitol Police bragged about hunting down over 500 Jan 6 protesters (many of whom are being illegally tortured, racially abused in jail and held in solitary confinement), announced plans to pivot into an "intelligence-based protective agency" and open "Regional Field Offices in California and Florida" with additional regions coming throughout the US "in the near future."

From, "After the Attack: The Future of the U.S. Capitol Police":
Enhanced Member Protection

The USCP has enhanced our staffing within our Dignitary Protection Division as well as coordinated for enhanced security for Members of Congress outside of the National Capitol Region. The Department is also in the process of opening Regional Field Offices in California and Florida with additional regions in the near future to investigate threats to Members of Congress.
They're also expanding training on when to kill Americans:
The Civil Disturbance Unit has increased training, to include joint training with the National Guard, riot training, shoot/don't shoot scenarios, and less-than-lethal exercises. The Department is also increasing its use of force, tactical, equipment, leadership, and incident command training. The USCP sent officials to attend CDU training in Seattle and Virginia Beach.
They're also helping our ruling oligarchs transform our once-great republic into a military junta in order to put down any future pleb revolts:
Critical Incident Response Planning

The Department solidified its new Critical Incident Response Plan, which establishes a multi-phased action plan to quickly mobilize local, state, and federal manpower, including the Department of Defense, to respond to planned and/or no-notice emergencies. It is also working with Congressional oversight and the Capitol Police Board to obtain the authority to immediately request National Guard assistance if needed without having to wait for board approval.
The DoD is supposed to be focused on fighting foreign enemies but our occupiers now view the American people as their number one threat.
Seasoned Law Enforcement and Operational Planning Experts

The law enforcement experts will address recommendations presented by the Government Accountability Office, the USCP Office of the Inspector General and various oversight committees to enhance the Department's internal controls and processes. Their institutional knowledge will build upon USCP's plan to improve operations, while moving forward along a new path towards an intelligence based protective agency.

Retired U.S. Secret Service Agent Wesley Schwark was also brought in as a contractor to assist with the now Department-wide operations planning process— another critical step to ensure a violent attack like January 6 never happens again.

Equipment & Technology

The Department has acquired additional helmets, shields and less-than-lethal munitions, and has ordered more batons.

Through a loan from the Department of Defense, the USCP will have access to state-of-the-art campus surveillance technology, which will enhance the ability to detect and monitor threat activity.


Internally, the Department has vastly increased the information shared with sworn officers about obtained intelligence and event planning.

Externally, USCP leadership has increased intelligence sharing and collaboration between all of our local, state and federal law enforcement partners as well increased our partnership within the intelligence community and Congressional stakeholders.
The Capitol Police are going to be our corrupt oligarchs' personal army.

How much worse does it need to get for people to realize we're living under occupation?

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