AG Merrick Garland Declares War On The Open Internet: Seizes Domains Of Press TV And MidEast News Sites

Chris Menahan
Jun. 22, 2021

Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday seized the domains of Iranian state media outlet Press TV as well as a bunch of other media outlets from throughout the Middle East.

The mass seizure of Middle East news websites comes just weeks after Israel decidedly lost the propaganda war in their latest bombing campaign in Gaza.

Palestine Today Channel, aka PalToday, is a Palestinian news site:

"Al Masirah (Arabic: المسيرة‎ al-Masirah, which means "The Journey") is a Yemeni TV channel which was founded and is owned by the Ansarullah movement (Houthis)," according to Wikipedia. "The TV channel is headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon."

Iran's Alalam was also seized:

Al Nabaa TV (قناة النبأ الفضائية) is a TV news channel in Libya.

Kafmedia is a news site that operates out of Iraq:

"LuaLua TV (Arabic:قناة اللؤلؤة) is a Bahraini opposition TV Channel," according to Wikipedia. "It started broadcasting in 2011 from London. It was named after the Pearl Roundabout. It is blocked in Bahrain."

The Iranian Islamic Radio and Television Union, which was sanctioned last year for alleged "election interference," was also seized:

The sites were apparently seized using "emergency powers."

Last year, the DOJ seized some 92 domains they claimed were linked to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps but the seizure of Press TV and other MidEast media outlets goes far and beyond those seizures.

These websites, at least in the case of Press TV, were not doing anything differently than they were a year ago. has been around for 14 years through four different presidents, yet it was only just seized today.

As I noted above, it just so happens this comes right after Israel started soundly losing their propaganda war!

Are we supposed to think that's a coincidence?

Garland is without question the most radical and extremist Attorney General in US history and has thrown due process and laws against double jeopardy out the window.

He makes Eric Holder look like a moderate!

Since taking office, Garland has been working feverishly to frame the Biden regime's political opposition as "domestic terrorists" and has been stripping the American people of their rights in the name of fighting "white extremists" -- all while letting Antifa and BLM operate unimpeded!

At this rate, it probably won't be long until you visit your favorite news site here in America and see it seized by this tyrannical regime!

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