Did You Survive The Deadly QAnon Militia Capitol Attack of March 4th???

Chris Menahan
Mar. 05, 2021


Is anybody out there???

I somehow managed to survive the deadly QAnon attack on the Capitol -- hitherto forever immortalized as "March 4th" -- and I'm looking for fellow survivors to contact me so we can rebuild!

Everyone I know is dead.

The QAnon Shaman managed to break out of jail and together with MAGA milfs destroyed the entire city with a nuke smuggled in by the Russian Imperial Movement.

Only some members of Congress managed to survive March 4th because they had the incredible foresight to skip work after hearing chatter about the plot.

Those who were foolish enough to dismiss the threat are all now dead.

Tragically, these were journalist Michael Tracey's last words:

By the Grace of God, I survived the bomb because I was taking a bubble bath and my bathtub miraculously acted as a Faraday cage to shield me both from the radiation and the flying debris.

After popping my emergency potassium iodide tablets, I managed to get this footage of the Capitol showing the utter devastation:

The Jan 6 insurrection where MAGApede domestic terrorists killed thousands of police and national guardsmen with fire extinguishers was bad enough -- March 4th was complete devastation!

I can't help but feel this is our divine punishment for laughing at the experts like Chris Wray when they tried to warn us of the Q-Anon MAGA milf terrorist movement that was responsible for all the Black Lives Matter riots last year, the killing of JFK, 9/11, and of course the deadly Capitol insurrection!

We only had to listen!!!

If anyone is out there, please get in contact with me immediately!

There are super mutant brutes all over the place and I don't know how much longer I can survive!

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