Big Tech Tyrants Cross The Rubicon

Chris Menahan
Oct. 14, 2020

Big Tech spent the last three years systematically purging every last independent media outlet which helped President Trump win in 2016 from Alex Jones to Stefan Molyneux while getting little if any pushback from the GOP.

Rather than object to the wholesale censorship and move against the social media tyrants the same way they've moved against TikTok (simply for being Chinese-owned), the GOP responded by demanding Twitter and Facebook ban "anti-Semites" like Louis Farrakhan and censor the governments of Hamas and Iran.

The GOP's refusal to address the issue came to a head on Wednesday after the New York Post released a report on Hunter Biden selling his father's influence which featured never-before-seen pictures of Hunter passed out with a crack pipe in his mouth.

Facebook decided to censor the Post's story and Twitter followed suit by banning it entirely and locking the accounts of everyone who shared it, including members of the White House.

Such censorship is not new for dissident websites but censoring a bombshell exposé on Joe Biden from a mainstream site like the New York Post just weeks before the election is a declaration of war.

At this point, there is no going back. This is the future I warned about for years and this is the reason I spoke out about the enormous danger of Big Tech uniting to censor The Daily Stormer, Alex Jones, Red Ice and so many others.

Big Tech has gone all in on partnering with the ADL to set the limits of debate and are doing everything in their power to try and make sure Joe Biden is elected.

The proper response for the GOP to take would be to drag these tyrants in before a military tribunal, charge them with sedition and nationalize their corporations.

Instead, they're probably just going to complain about it on social media and continue to do nothing as they've done for the last three years.

Regardless, I think these tech tyrants are overplaying their hand.

The backlash over this censorship has been tremendous. Their actions over the past three years have caused their brands to be irreparably tarnished. Big Tech is now hated by all sides.

They have more financial capital than ever thanks to the corona-shutdowns but their social capital is drying up.

We have to applaud President Trump for his remarkable talent in bringing out the absolute worst in our enemies.

The fact they're spending so much of their capital on trying to defeat him is all the more reason to vote for him come November.

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