Dan Crenshaw: 'Republicans Are The Party of Uber'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 16, 2019

Republicans are the party of importing cheap foreign labor to serve as slaves for our ruling oligarchs.

Texas Rep Dan Crenshaw (R) sent this tweet out on Friday:

Uber drivers make less than minimum wage according to studies and get little or no benefits, perks and job security.

Around 30 percent of Uber drivers lose money.

Uber is spending billions to create driverless cars so they can one day fire the majority of their workforce:

Uber has been aggressively laying off American workers and replacing them with H-1B imports:

Uber was just hit with a $650 million tax bill by the state of New Jersey for "misclassifying drivers as independent contractors."

Uber employees donate overwhelmingly to Democrats.

Uber regularly bans right-wingers like James Allsup and Laura Loomer for their political views:

Uber employees supported all the Big Tech giants colluding together to ban and unperson Alex Jones:

Uber also has a huge issue with their imported workforce raping their female passengers.

This is what Dan Crenshaw wants voters to think about when going to vote in 2020. We're supposed to be chomping at the bit to vote for Uber over the ethnic cartels running the taxi cab unions.

Though Crenshaw's tweet was widely panned, I think the comparison is truer than even he even realizes.

While the GOP had all three branches of government, they refused to build the wall but gave wealthy companies like Uber giant tax cuts, so much so that capital income is reportedly now taxed less than labor for the first time in US history.

They also threw open the floodgates on our southern border.

Crenshaw is aggressively shilling for Utah Rep Mike Lee's (R) green card giveaway to throw open our borders to even more cheap foreign labor from India:

After getting backlash over his tweet, Crenshaw suggested living under hyper-capitalism/prog-globalism is all part of the Free Market™:

He also shared an article from "SmallBizGenius.net," which appears to be a foreign-run clickbait website, saying how "glorious" the gig economy is:

Trump got solid support from union members in 2016 by running against Conservatism, Inc's Free Market™ dogma:

Unfortunately, the platform Trump ran on was soundly rejected by Conservatism, Inc in favor of tax cuts for billionaires, importing cheap labor for Koch Industries and outlawing criticism of Israel.

Republicans are going to keep losing until they get their heads out of their asses and start serving the interests of their base rather than their donors and they're going to deserve it.

[Header image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0.]

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