Marco Rubio: Jeffrey Epstein Was A 'Sicko,' Stop With The 'Insane' Conspiracy Theories

Chris Menahan
Aug. 23, 2019

Republican Senator Marco Rubio wants everyone to stop spreading "conspiracy theories" about Jeffrey Epstein's alleged death.

From the Sun Sentinel, "Marco Rubio warns against social-media fueled insular thinking and conspiracy theories":
"You go online, and there's one group that's saying that 'Hillary Clinton murdered him,' and there’s another group saying, 'No, [President Donald] Trump had him murdered.' That's how insane some of this stuff has gotten," [Rubio said at the the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches on Wednesday].

People ought to be willing to accept the obvious explanation, Rubio said: Epstein was a "sicko."

"It is important to question authority and ask questions and make sure that we're getting the full story," he said. "But I also think it's important not to jump on every conspiracy you read or hear. ... A lot of times if something sounds too crazy, it might be."
No doubt it's just a coincidence Rubio failed to mention the most plausible "conspiracy theory" everyone who has looked at the evidence suspects -- that Epstein was a blackmail agent for the Mossad.

No one is questioning whether or not Epstein is a "sicko."

We're questioning why the former Prime Minister of Israel and the head of Israeli Military Intelligence, Ehud Barak, reportedly visited his apartments repeatedly and entered into a "partnership worth millions" with Epstein in 2015.

We're wondering whether there's a Mossad connection because Epstein's alleged madam/handler, Ghislaine Maxwell, is the daughter of alleged Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, who has been dubbed "Israel's Superspy."

Though Rubio has an issue with the public spreading "insane" conspiracy theories, Rubio himself promoted the insane conspiracy theory that "Putin bots" were responsible for spreading conspiracy theories about Epstein's alleged death:

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