Oscars 2019: Filmmaker Guy Nattiv Compares Americans to Nazis

Chris Menahan
Feb. 25, 2019

Israeli filmmaker Guy Nattiv accepted his award for Best Live Action Short by lecturing Americans about how similar they are to Nazis.

"Oh my God, I moved here five years ago from Israel. Laila tov, Yisrael (Good night, Israel), hi," Nattiv said. "My grandparents are Holocaust survivors. The bigotry that they experienced in the Holocaust, we see that everywhere today, in America, in Europe. This film is about education, it's about teaching your kids a better way."

The Times of Israel reports, "The film is about a gang war that breaks out in a small town after a black man smiles at a white child at a supermarket."

Wow, sounds like he really understands America after the five whole years he spent here! (Let's just ignore the fact the only "smirking" incident which nearly triggered a "gang war" involved a white kid in a MAGA hat calmly smiling at a shouting Native American!)

Perhaps next he could make a film about America's persecution of Jussie Smollett just for being "black and gay"?

"I moved here five years ago, you're all a bunch of Nazis and I'm here to teach your kids how terrible you are -- thanks for the award!"

Gee whiz, thanks so much for coming, Mr. Nattiv!

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