'Target Israel And We Will Target You': AIPAC-Funded U.S. Senators Threaten ICC Prosecutor

Chris Menahan
May. 06, 2024

A group of AIPAC-funded Republican Senators sent a letter to the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor threatening him with retribution if he dares to issue arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials.

From Zeteo, "EXCLUSIVE: 'You Have Been Warned': Republican Senators Threaten the ICC Prosecutor over Possible Israel Arrest Warrants":
In a terse, one-page letter obtained exclusively by Zeteo, and signed by 12 GOP senators, including Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Florida's Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz of Texas, [ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan] is informed that any attempt by the ICC to hold Netanyahu and his colleagues to account for their actions in Gaza will be interpreted "not only as a threat to Israel's sovereignty but to the sovereignty of the United States."

"Target Israel and we will target you," the senators tell Khan, adding that they will "sanction your employees and associates, and bar you and your families from the United States."

Rather ominously, the letter concludes: "You have been warned."

In a statement to Zeteo, Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland said, "It is fine to express opposition to a possible judicial action, but it is absolutely wrong to interfere in a judicial matter by threatening judicial officers, their family members and their employees with retribution. This thuggery is something befitting the mafia, not U.S. senators."

On Friday, The Hague-based office of the chief prosecutor published an unprecedented statement on Twitter, calling for an end to threats of retaliation against the ICC and attempts to "impede" and "intimidate" its officials. The statement added that such threats could "constitute an offence against the administration of justice" under the Rome Statute.
Every Senator on the list is funded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

These cowards would never issue threats like this in defense of America but they're more than happy to break international law issuing terroristic threats in defense of Israel.

When the GOP controlled all three branches of government under Trump, they claimed they were powerless to defend our border, deport illegals, stop Big Tech censorship, secure gun rights and so on but now with the slimmest of majorities in the House they're passing $95 billion giveaways to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan (with zero dollars to secure America's borders), banning TikTok for Israel, approving the FISA spying laws to spy on Americans for Israel, passing bills to outlaw "anti-Semitism" on college campuses for Israel and threatening the ICC without a care in the world for the laws of America or the "international rules-based order."

[Header image of ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands/Raoul Romers, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED]

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