Priorities: 'Syria Is Crumbling And We're Talking About A F**king Wall,' GOP Senator Laments

Chris Menahan
Dec. 22, 2018

If you want a snapshot at how out of touch the GOP establishment is with the base, look no further than this anonymous GOP senator who attacked President Trump in Politico on Friday for caring more about protecting America than saving Syria from "crumbling."

From Politico:
One Republican senator said his colleagues feel like they’ve been increasingly hijacked by Trump. The senator described the president as increasingly intent on pleasing the hard-line House Freedom Caucus and media allies like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Some Republicans find the juxtaposition between what they consider a reckless foreign policy and a reckless border wall fight to be infuriating.

“Syria is crumbling. And we’re talking about a fucking wall,” this senator said.
Where are the president's priorities?!?!

Doesn't Drumpf realize our troops are on the verge of staging a military coup because they're so desperate to keep this Syria war going for another decade?

How dare he!

Our country is crumbling because we have "leaders" like this anonymous coward who care more about conquering the Middle East than protecting America.

Here's some more of the GOPe's hysteria via Politico:
In a letter sent to the president Wednesday, six senators called his decision to pull out of Syria “a premature and costly mistake” that “threatens the safety and security of the United States.” Four Republican senators signed the letter: Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst, and Lindsey Graham. Cotton, Ernst and Graham have all been close Trump allies during his first two years in office. (The conservative Maine independent Sen. Angus King also signed.)
Yeah, it's the security of the "United States" they care about...

They care so much about the "safety" of the United States -- but we can't have a border.
“We’re very concerned” about Syria, Ernst told POLITICO. “I just think it’s significant. The actions are significant. And I would just love the president to listen to those military advisers and make sure that we’re taking the fight to terrorists overseas, not allowing them to come here.”
The "new" propaganda line is the war in Syria is "preventing another 9/11," or as Lindsey Graham said, "paving the way towards a second 9/11" (just ignore that ISIS was created due to the power vacuum this same establishment created by overthrowing Saddam, Qaddafi, seeking regime change in Syria, etc.).

They're just recycling old Bush propaganda at this point.
In a closed-door meeting with Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday, Senate Republicans unleashed their fury, with one GOP senator telling the vice president that while withdrawing from Syria may cheer the president’s base now, it will hurt him politically when “an American is burned in a cage” at the hands of ISIS, according to a senior GOP aide.
It was the Russians and the Syrians fighting ISIS.

Our government and Israel were aiding ISIS and giving medical care to their injured fighters because as one Israeli think tank said, ISIS "can be a useful tool in undermining" Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Russia..

ISIS collapsed after President Trump made the decision to end an Obama-era CIA program which was funding them and gave Putin the go-ahead to wage total war. I guarantee whoever this senator is he supported that program which armed these terrorists.
The resignation on Thursday of Defense Secretary James Mattis, who said he was leaving his post because of disagreements with the president over “treating allies with respect” and “being clear-eyed about both malign actors and strategic competitors,” exacerbated those concerns.

It also earned Trump another rare rebuke from McConnell, who said in a pointed statement Thursday that he was “distressed” by Mattis’ resignation and urged the Trump administration to “maintain a clear-eyed understanding of our friends and foes."

“I’m getting emails from my Republican colleagues with phrases like: ‘The wheels have come off.’ Like: ‘Going places we didn’t think it will go.’" said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). "One of them said: ‘This is a bridge too far.’ It would be nice if somebody would say it besides Bob Corker.”

Several conservatives close to the White House have echoed those concerns, saying that they’re beginning to worry the president may not make it to 2020. Corker, a retiring GOP senator from Tennessee who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, seethed on Friday that the country had degenerated into a "tyranny of radio talk show hosts.”
Doesn't Trump realize this country is supposed to be a tyranny of CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times?!

Truly outrageous!

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