AP: 'Almost Every Part of Trump's Life is Under Investigation'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 17, 2018

President Donald Trump is being crucified by modern-day Pharisees for having the audacity to run for president and win on a platform of putting America First.

He's being subject to a nonstop, never-ending witch hunt peering into every aspect of his life and those of all his associates by our criminal ruling class and their deep state agents.

From AP:
Investigations now entangle Donald Trump’s White House, campaign, transition, inauguration, charity and business. For Trump, the political, the personal and the deeply personal are all under examination.

Less than two years into Trump’s presidency, his business associates, political advisers and family members are being probed, along with the practices of his late father. On Saturday, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke became the fourth Cabinet member to leave under an ethical cloud, having sparked 17 investigations into his actions on the job, by one watchdog’s count.

All of this with the first special counsel investigation against a president in 20 years hanging over Trump’s head, spinning out charges and strong-arming guilty pleas from underlings while keeping in suspense whether the president — “Individual 1” in prosecutor Robert Mueller’s coded legalese — will end up accused of criminal behavior himself.

[...] This jeopardy has come with Trump’s party in control of Congress and the Justice Department driving at least three separate criminal investigations. They are the Mueller probe looking into possible collusion, obstruction of justice or other wrongdoing in contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia; the New York campaign-finance case involving hush money paid to Trump’s alleged lovers; and now a case from New York, first reported by The Wall Street Journal this past week, examining the finances and operations of Trump’s inaugural committee and whether foreign interests made illegal payments to it.

Behind those matters is a battery of lawsuits or inquiries from state attorneys general and other parties tied mainly to Trump businesses.
Just last week New York's incoming attorney general Letitia James openly promised to "use every area of the law" to persecute President Trump, his entire family, and "anyone in his orbit" by hunting for crimes to charge them with.

She didn't realize she was supposed to just do it without announcing it like everyone else.

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