Israeli President 'Lied About Shani Louk Being Beheaded by Hamas'; 'Complete' Body Returned

Chris Menahan
May. 18, 2024

Israeli President Isaac Herzog lied about Shani Louk being "beheaded" by Hamas in order to prop up Israel's "Hamas is ISIS" propaganda campaign, The Intercept's Ryan Grim reports.

"We now know Herzog lied when he said Shani Louk was beheaded to buck up the 'Hamas is ISIS' campaign -- with utter disregard for the impact of that lie on her family and loved ones. Deeply cynical exploitation, done to justify what Herzog knew was coming," The Intercept's Ryan Grim said Saturday on X.

"They found her skull, which means these barbaric, sadistic animals simply chopped off her head when they were attacking and torturing and killing Israelis," Herzog claimed last year.

Zei_Squirrel speculated in a fiery thread on X that Israel kept her body on ice so they could drop it when they needed a PR boost.

He wrote on X:
[T]he President of Israel said Shani Louk was beheaded. He said her body was mutilated. 7 months later, when they needed a PR hit to launder the ongoing Rafah genocide, it's found not just fully intact, but "complete and beautiful and the skin is the same color, looking like she's still alive."

Everyone knows what happened: The regime found her body in Gaza in late October, then made up the bullshit "skull fragment" and "she was beheaded" propaganda lie, which is insane that they ran with it because she is literally on video being moved into Gaza with her head intact, so the deranged lie only works if they found the fragment in Gaza and then concluded she must have been beheaded, which itself is deranged. You don't just stumble on a skull fragment in Gaza and decide to randomly test it and then discover it's from Shani Louk. That's why Zionist propagandists quickly moved to "no no, they actually found the fragment on a road leading away from Nova! That's why they thought she was beheaded! Ignore that she is on tape being moved into Gaza with her head intact, that's inconvenient for now, we're running with the lie that plugs the hole in the other lie."

But don't worry, Haaretz will have an epic investigative report on all this in 6 months from now, after the regime has razed Rafah to the ground as the entire Western media jumped on the "OMG SHANI LOUK OMG OMG" propaganda to launder it.
Israel's propaganda army has falsely claimed that Hamas on Oct 7 beheaded 40 babies, baked a baby in an oven, committed mass rape of women (including of babies), cut the baby out of a pregnant woman's stomach and drove nails into women's vaginas.

All these atrocity propaganda tales were debunked almost immediately but we have top government officials like House Speaker Mike Johnson and President Joe Biden who are still pushing these lies today.

The US Congress is trying to pass a bill to create a "October 7th Remembrance Curriculum" to be taught in schools across America which will undoubtedly repeat all these false tales to justify Israel's brutal ethnic cleansing campaign.

In February, Israeli lawmakers advanced a bill to punish those accused of "denying" or "downplaying" Israel's narrative of October 7th with five years in prison.

As the Times of Israel reported:
In a series of tweets ahead of the vote, sponsor Yisrael Beytenu MK Oded Forer, who modeled his bill after a 1986 law prohibiting Holocaust denial, said the way in which people around the world relate to the massacre "is starting to resemble Holocaust denial, and it also has fans here in Israel."

"We cannot demand that the nations of the world ban the denial of the massacre, similar to the ban on denying the Holocaust, without us also acting. In this era, when false information is spread on steroids, we must start the fight now," he said.

Co-sponsor MK Evgeny Sova agreed with his fellow Yisrael Beytenu lawmaker, telling The Times of Israel following the vote that anybody "who denies the massacre that Hamas perpetrated on October 7 is no less than a Holocaust denier."
Seeing as how the US Congress is passing bill after bill aimed at outlawing criticism of Jews and Israel without a care in the world for the First Amendment -- maybe they'll ram "October 7th denial laws" through our legislature next!

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