CNN Identifies Zionist Mob Who Attacked Student Protesters at UCLA While Screaming 'Second Nakba'

Chris Menahan
May. 16, 2024

CNN has identified multiple members of the Zionist mob filmed attacking pro-Palestine student protesters at UCLA earlier this month as police stood by and did nothing.

In a segment aired Wednesday on Anderson Cooper 360, CNN reported that one of the suspected attackers, 18-year-old Edan On, was identified proudly by his own mother who told CNN "he's heading to Israel to join the IDF [Israel Defense Forces]."

Edan's mother, Sharon On-Siboni, hilariously tried to walk back her admission in a text message after the interview was over.

CNN said they reached out repeatedly to all relevant police agencies in the area, including the UCLA police department, but "did not get any clear response about their response that night or any follow-up investigation."


The Grayzone on Monday also identified a ton of the rioters and noted how none of them had been arrested. The Justice Report also reported that one of the rioters is an IDF soldier.

A wildly exaggerated tale about a pro-Israel protester being "stabbed in the eye" made international headlines and was brought up in congressional testimonies to justify a police crackdown on the overwhelmingly peaceful pro-Palestine protests but this Zionist mob attack at UCLA -- which was by far the most violence seen at any campus protest across America -- triggered little to no outrage in the media or in Congress and police and local authorities appear to be protecting the perpetrators.

Republican Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is charging peaceful pro-Palestine protesters under an ancient KKK anti-masking law to try and eliminate their First Amendment rights but authorities in "liberal, woke" California are dragging their feet if not outright protecting this violent Zionist mob full of outside agitators!

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