Pakistani Immigrant Qaisar Mahmood New Head Of Swedish National Heritage Board: 'I Haven't Read Anything About Cultural Heritage'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 08, 2018

The Swedish National Heritage Board's new chief is a Muslim Pakistani immigrant who openly admits he "hasn't read anything" about Sweden's cultural heritage.

From Robert Spencer in FrontPage Magazine:
Qaisar Mahmood, a Muslim born in Pakistan, is the new head of the Swedish National Heritage Board. This is an extremely anomalous appointment, since he readily admits that he has not read anything about Sweden's cultural heritage. But his new job is not really about preserving and protecting Sweden's cultural heritage and historical sites at all.

Qaisar Mahmood, who once rode his motorcycle around Sweden in an apparently failed attempt to discover what being Swedish consisted of, is using his position as head of the Swedish National Heritage Board not to highlight and celebrate that heritage, but to downplay Sweden's cultural heritage and history, and to create a false narrative that will help compel Swedes to accept mass Muslim migration. He says he doesn't want simply to alert people to Viking artifacts and the like, but to use Sweden's history to "create the narrative" that will make Muslim migrants "part of something."

We have already seen how that works. Remember the fake news story about the Viking burial cloth bearing the word "Allah"? Last October, a Swedish researcher gained international headlines by claiming that burial costumes from Viking graves dating back to the ninth and tenth centuries had been found to be inscribed with the name "Allah." The intent of this was obvious: to convince Swedes that Islam had always been a part of Sweden, all the way back to the days of the Vikings, and so they should not be concerned about the mass Muslim migration that was now bringing Sweden unprecedented rape and other crime rates. Islam has always been a part of Sweden! Stop opposing mass Muslim migration!

The Viking burial cloths didn't really feature the name "Allah" at all, as Stephennie Mulder, an associate professor of Medieval Islamic art and archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin, proved shortly thereafter, but by then the damage had been done. The idea had entered, however dimly, the popular consciousness: the Vikings were really Muslims. Islam is Swedish. Sweden was Islamic before it was Christian. The Muslim migrants are Swedes.

The "Allah" Viking burial cloth propaganda offensive was one manifestation of what Qaisar Mahmood and others like him are doing. There is no Muslim history in Sweden, but Qaisar Mahmood is working to change the very idea of cultural heritage and fabricate fictions about a historical Muslim presence in Sweden in order to advance his political and sociological agenda.
From, "Swedish National Heritage Board's Qaisar Mahmood: 'I Have Not Read Anything About Cultural Heritage'" (as translated from Swedish by Google):
He is born in Lahore, Pakistan, is a four-year-old father, 44 years old, engaged in identity issues and is head of the Riksantikvarie Committee. Social affair has talked with Qaisar Mahmood, telling that he did not read a single university degree in archeology or cultural heritage. "I have a socioeconomic degree," he says.

[...]A review of Mahmood's CV as a social affair made confirms what he himself writes in Focus. His education consists of 60 points of Political Science, 40 credits of Economics, 40 credits of Film Studies, 20 credits of Economic History, 10 points of Practical Rhetoric and 10 points of Arabic.

- It's no wonder. It knows everybody who has seen my resume, "says Mahmood.

- I have studied political science and economics. I have a socioeconomic degree. I have not read any points of archeology at the university or something about cultural heritage, he continues.
No Swedes are allowed to criticize this move, lest they be brought up on charges for "crimes of opinion."

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