Global Warming Believer Ivanka Trump to Head Review of Paris Climate Accord

Chris Menahan
May. 08, 2017

President Trump's daughter Ivanka, who is a believer in the hoax of man-made global warming and reportedly a staunch supporter of the Paris Accord, has been tapped by her father to head a review of the agreement.

Nonetheless, the AP says an anonymous State Department official said this "shouldn't be construed as a sign that Trump has decided to stay in the Paris pact."

From the AP:
WASHINGTON (AP) — Ivanka Trump will head a review of US climate change policy even as President Donald Trump considers pulling the US out of a global emissions-cutting deal.

The United States says it it will continue attending United Nations climate change meetings next week in Bonn, Germany next week, but Trump’s advisers will meet Tuesday to discuss what to do about the global pact known as the Paris agreement, officials said.

The conflicting signals suggested the administration was trying to keep its options open while Trump decides whether to withdraw, a move the international community would strongly oppose.

Though Trump’s inclination has been to leave the agreement, he’s allowed his daughter, White House adviser Ivanka Trump, to set up an extensive review process, a senior administration official said. The goal is to ensure Trump receives information from both government experts and the private sector before a making a decision.

To that end, Ivanka Trump will hold a separate meeting Tuesday with Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, the official said. Pruitt is a chief proponent of leaving the deal and has questioned the science that says humans are contributing to global warming.

And the decision to participate in next week’s UN climate talks shouldn’t be construed as a sign that Trump has decided to stay in the Paris pact, a State Department official added. To the contrary, the US will be sending a “much smaller” delegation than it has in years past, the official said. is claiming there's a battle going on behind the scenes of Steve Bannon and Scott Pruitt vs. Ivanka, Jared Kushner and Rex Tillerson:
It’s unclear how Trump will come down on the issue, but for his inner circle, the battle lines are drawn. On one side are Trump’s daughter Ivanka, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who are lobbying the president to keep the United States in the deal, several sources tell FP. On the other side of the argument: White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon and Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, both of whom reject climate change science.
Correction: both of whom are aware the science is politically driven garbage on par with Bill Nye's new take on sex and gender.

As I said before, no one who voted for Trump voted to keep this hoax going.

We voted for the man who said it was all a scam by the Chinese to deindustrialize America.

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