Sick Hillary Played With Her Grandkids After Being Diagnosed With Pneumonia

Chris Menahan
Sep. 12, 2016

Sick Hillary Clinton not only potentially exposed a small girl to pneumonia as part of a photo-op, but she reportedly played with her own grandkids at Chelsea's apartment in New York City just days after her diagnosis.

From Breitbart:
Hillary Clinton's campaign says the Democratic presidential nominee was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, citing that as one reason why she collapsed after leaving during the 9/11 memorial in New York City.

After the collapse, she went to her daughter Chelsea Clinton's apartment, as a spokesperson for the campaign said that she played with her two grandchildren and visited with her daughter.

It is unclear why Clinton decided to visit her daughter and grandchildren, despite later saying she has a disease which can be contagious.
...In an interview on MSNBC, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon twice confirmed that aides watched Clinton at Chelsea’s apartment chasing around her grandchildren.

“She was up running around at her daughter’s apartment chasing her grandkids around and within 90 minutes, people saw her out on the sidewalk,” he said.
Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to pneumonia, why did she potentially expose her grandchildren, another small child, and the whole crowd surrounding her at the September 11th commemoration ceremony to her sickness?

Also, remember how her campaign initially blamed her coughing fit on "pollen"?

Now they're trying to blame it on her pneumonia.

She cant have it both ways.

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