The Khizr Khan-Donald Trump Controversy Summed up in Four Memes

Chris Menahan
Aug. 01, 2016

While the media is fawning over Khizr Khan's speech at the DNC where he used the death of his son to attack Trump, the same hacks attacked Benghazi mom Pat Smith's speech at the RNC where she blamed her son's death on Hillary Clinton.

As Ryan Girdusky write in The American Mirror:
...when Pat Smith, the mother of a victim of the terrorist attack in Benghazi spoke she was fact checked and attacked by members of the mainstream media. Chris Matthews bashed Smith, calling her comments “a gross accusation” and said of the grieving widow “I don’t care what that woman felt.”

No one in the mainstream media made similar comments about the Khan’s strange accusation that Trump wouldn’t have allowed them to immigrate to America, hasn’t read the constitution, and that the Equal Protection clause somehow protects foreign citizens.
Girdusky continues: "The most glaring display of the media’s hypocrisy is Steve Benen who writes for Rachel Maddow’s website. He said the RNC was manipulating the grief of a mother who lost her son but praised the DNC for doing the same exact thing."

Here's some more memes showing how ridiculous this story is:

Hillary Clinton voted for the pointless war Khan's son died in, Trump opposed it, yet his prudent call for halting immigration from nations with a history of terrorism against the US is somehow being spun as disrespecting Khan's son's death.

As I said previously, not letting people into your country who are 13 times more likely to commit terrorism is not bigotry, it's common sense.

As a nation, the US has the right to bring in anyone we want in the world. While Switzerland will deny citizenship to Muslims for wearing sweatpants, here in the US we're called racist bigots for not wanting to flood our nation with people who want to kill us.

The recent attacks in San Bernardino, Pulse nightclub in Orlando and all over Germany and France where they brought all these Muslims in with open arms show what happens when you allow your nation to be flooded with these people -- yet according to Khan, all these recent terror attacks have "nothing to do with Islam."

Is anyone really dumb enough to believe this garbage?

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