WATCH: Trump Supporter Calls "Lyin' Ted" a Liar to His Face, Cruz Responds by Lying to Him

Chris Menahan
May. 02, 2016

A Trump supporter in Indiana called out Lyin' Ted for being a liar, and Lyin' Ted responded by lying to him repeatedly.

This video illustrates with certainty Ted Cruz is a pathological liar. Note how he doesn't even flinch while boldly lying with dozens of cameras surrounding him, this man has serious issues.

Watch the clip, below I'll break down four of his biggest lies.

First whopper of a lie: Cruz says Trump told the NYT editorial board "he's not going to build the wall, and he's not going to deport anyone."

This is a bald faced lie, the NYT has not said what was in the tapes to this day, they said specifically: "It's not as if we are sitting on a news story here, or holding something back from publication."

The only claim which came out of the meetings was Trump saying his policy such as deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants may be "negotiable." The wall he said specifically is "not negotiable." Ted Cruz is flat out lying, yet he does it with a straight face and without blinking, the man is a pathological liar.

Second lie: Trump said he'd "cut a deal" with Chuck Schumer to "take away your second amendment."

This is another complete and total lie, Trump was asked who he could cut a deal with in a general sense, and he responded he could cut a deal with Pelosi, Schumer, and Reid. He wasn't talking about the second amendment, he was talking generally to contrast himself with Cruz who gets along with no one.

Third lie: Cruz claims Trump said, "I hate guns," "that's a quote," Cruz says.

It's not a quote, Cruz is a liar, Trump said, "I hate the concept of guns," which has a completely different meaning. Trump is actually the most pro-second amendment candidate running right now and has called for the creation of a concealed carry permit which would be valid nationally.

Fourth lie: Cruz claims Trump told his audience to punch a protester in the face: "You can watch the facts of him standing at the podium saying, "Punch that guy in the face."

The truth is Trump mused he'd "like" to punch a protester in the face, he didn't command anyone to punch anyone like this liar tried to claim. The meaning is completely different, note Cruz said this while trying to prove he's not a liar.

This man is one hundred percent a pathological liar. He has no place in politics, he has no place in business, nothing he says can be believed.

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