Information Liberation's Top Stories Of 2020... And A Year-End Review!

Chris Menahan
Dec. 31, 2020

The year 2020 was a wild ride, starting with coronavirus hysteria sweeping the world and lockdowns shutting down our economy and destroying most of our major cities.

I predicted in the beginning of the year that an awakening of some sort was going to come out of everyone being locked in their homes on the internet all day. That happened to a large extent -- tons of people have "woken up" to the criminal nature of our ruling class and no longer believe anything the establishment says. What I didn't foresee was the far-more impactful religious "awaking" that was the Black Lives Matter movement.

The left, who rejected Jesus Christ long ago, declared drug-abusing porn star "Saint Floyd" as their Lord and Savior.

Anarchists and BLM activists mourned Floyd's death by burning down their own cities in what amounted to the most damaging riots in US history -- all with the full support of local Democratic officials.

While the rioters and looters were let off by various Soros-funded district attorneys, the only people prosecuted were folks like Kyle Rittenhouse who tried to defend our civilization.

The hysteria and chaos (and likely a not-insignificant amount of voter fraud) managed to get Joe Biden to "defeat" Donald Trump for the presidency with voter turnout increasing by 20 million in 2020 over 2016.

After Trump lost, Republicans and Democrats in Congress united to screw over the American people in every way possible -- first by the GOP-controlled Senate unanimously supporting a greencard giveaway to import hundreds of thousands of Indian workers for Big Tech, then by the Democrat-controlled House unanimously passing a bill to give "Temporary Protected Status" (long-term amnesty) to Hong Kong residents and redefine "refugee" to mean anyone with "concern" about the "possibility" of political persecution.

Fortunately, the Hong Kong bill was blocked solely by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee's greencard giveaway bill died (until the next legislative session) after being kept out of the year-end omnibus.

Nonetheless, the year ended with Republicans and Democrats in Congress uniting once again to pass the horrendous corona bailout/foreign aid/copyright-trolling extortion omnibus package and Trump signing it into law.

In my view, 2020 should be defined as the year our ruling class/managerial elite decided they're not even going to bother to appease the public any more and are simple going to do whatever the hell they want -- whether that be shutting down all small business while Amazon and Walmart swallow everything, bailing out Wall Street with trillions of dollars while giving the public $1,800 just to shut the hell up, locking the public in their homes while rioters and looters are given free reign, or giving all our tax money away to foreign powers while Americans are lining up at food banks.

I tried to cover all these stories as best as I could as one man. I wrote some 900 articles, starting the year with a piece titled, "NYT Begins 2020 With Feature Story On How White People Are Bad For Existing" and ending it with "Jonathan Pollard, Traitor to America Who Spied For Israel, Given A Hero's Welcome by Netanyahu."

That alone is a pretty good summary of the year's events!

That said, here's the top ten (plus one) stories of the year based off page views:

1. Narrative Collapse: Media's Lies About George Floyd's Death Backfire After Video Leaked

2. 'Enough Is Enough': CovCath Attorney Lin Wood Offers to Help Kyle Rittenhouse For Free After GoFundMe Shuts Down Legal Defense Fund

3. San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With Boys

Note: Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law in September.

4. Cannon Hinnant, RIP: 5-Year-Old Boy 'Executed Point Blank' by Criminal Thug While Playing Outside

5. $900B COVID-19 Aid Bill Will Give Households With Illegal Aliens Up to $1,800 Checks While U.S. Citizens Get Only $600

6. Surveillance Videos Show Ahmaud Arbery Trespassed Into Man's Home Before Shooting

7. Meet Walter Wallace Jr, The Career Criminal Whose Shooting by Police Triggered Riots in Philly

8. Kyle Rittenhouse Worked As Lifeguard In Kenosha On Day Of Shooting, Cleaned Graffiti Off Local School After Work: Legal Team

9. Man Admits He Threatened 'Karen' And Her Dog Before He Started Filming

10. Dems Caught Cheating In Philly? Poll Watchers 'Blocked,' Philly GOP Raises Alarm

Bonus because the story cracked me up and it only got a few hundred less views than number 10...

11. Chick-Fil-A CEO Gets On His Knees, Shines Rapper's Shoes, Says White Christians Must 'Repent' For 'Shame' of Racism

Thank you, dear readers, for following my work and sharing it with your friends!

Your support means the world to me!

I'm an eternal optimist and I'm hoping 2021 will shift for the better but part of me feels like mere survival should be our top priority as I suspect the religion of wokeness sweeping the West can only be stopped by burning itself out!

Merry (Belated) Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year!

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