Narrative Collapse: Media's Lies About George Floyd's Death Backfire After Video Leaked

Chris Menahan
Aug. 04, 2020

The leaked footage of George Floyd's arrest shared by The Daily Mail has racked up over 2 million views on YouTube in one day and the overwhelming majority of comments are slamming the media for deceiving the public.

As I reported on Monday, the video -- which has been hidden from the public by Minneapolis Attorney General Keith Ellison for over 2 months -- shows Floyd:
Relentlessly resisted arrest

Said he couldn't breathe while standing up breathing

Refused to go into the police's SUV squad vehicle because he claimed he was "claustrophobic" even though he was seen sitting comfortably in his own SUV just minutes earlier

Asked police to place him on the ground

Lied and told police he was not on drugs despite being high on fentanyl (enough to kill a man) and testing positive for methamphetamine

Lied and claimed his mother just died to try and avoid arrest even though she died two years earlier

UPDATE: Higher-quality full bodycam footage was released on August 10, 2020 by a judge's orders.

I was afraid The Daily Mail would disable comments to preserve the bull***t narrative they pushed in their own article on the video but they've been up for around 24 hours and more than 150,000 comments were posted as of Tuesday afternoon.

Commenters pointed out how the video is being blocked from appearing on YouTube's "Trending" page, praised whoever leaked the footage and called for the media to be "defunded" rather than police.

The media is not taking this well.

As I reported earlier today, the New York Times decided not to write a single article on the newly leaked video after hyping the case for over two months.

Meanwhile, outlets which did report on the case did so like this:

The Associated Press' article on the case focused on how police are trying to hunt down whoever leaked the footage and ignored how the media's narrative was undermined.

CNN covered the tape but showed less than 30 seconds total of the video completely out of context to make it seem like Floyd was complying the entire time rather than resisting.

CNN's article quoted Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump's saying: "The police officers approached him with guns drawn, simply because he was a Black man."

CBS News similarly deceptively edited the video to make it seem like he was complying the entire time and also showed a clip of Crump claiming he was targeted just for being "a black man":

[Update: CBS News deleted their deceptively edited propaganda report. I've embedded a mirror below.]

Polling from Civiqs shows the Black Lives Matter movement over the past two months has been losing support -- especially among whites -- where the majority went from supporting the movement to opposing it.

This is especially significant considering the protests are absolutely dominated by liberal white women with college degrees.

Keep sharing the video far and wide!

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